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Participant feedback

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  • Andrea Vanderkly, Insurance Australia Group, Learning Support Coordinator

    I studied a triple diploma of business, business administration and management. I did a lot of research before I chose Upskilled and I felt really comfortable that I was able to study and work full-time. You can learn practical, relevant concepts that you can implement into the workplace without having to a degree that could take several years.

  • Justin Hankinson, ETC Training Solutions, Workplace Trainer

    The course at Upskilled has benefited me because the world of Workplace Health and Safety is changing, so it's really brought to my mind that I need to be up to date with it. The delivery of it was perfect, it was in the classroom. Not only did I get the benefit of having a trainer but also the other students. The next step with me will be doing my diploma.

  • Steve Hancock, Sydney Select Constructions, Co-Director

    The lecturers were amazing. One of them to the point that I use as a mentor a couple of years after the course, he was happy to that. Since finishing the course, benefits that I've found in the course I'm actually using now. With myself and my business partner we've created Sydney Select Constructions, we've currently got 8 employees and nearly booked up for 6 to 8 months. What I'd say to anyone thinking of signing up with a course with Upskilled is just get in there, get it started. You'll definitely benefit from it.

  • Jeffery Szeto, Epson Australia, Sales Administrator

    I’m currently enrolled in Upskilled’s Diploma of Management and just wanted to let you know that I’m really enjoying the flexibility of working on it after office hours. Learning in an energetic and exciting classroom environment is so refreshing and helps to keep me motivated and at full attention. I commend Rachel on this. Her sessions are delightful. I always feel like I want to attend her sessions rather than “have to.” You guys are doing great work! Keep it up!

  • Jenny Harding, Metro South Health, Administration Officer

    My instructor Nick is fantastic. He really chose the right profession. His content is always interesting and the fact that he leaves his audience spellbound each session is an art itself. Nick, thanks for all your help and for being so approachable and professional!

  • Samantha Roberts, George Fischer, Executive Assistant

    I’m beyond thrilled that I’ve passed both the Certificate IV and Diploma in 18 months! I couldn’t be happier with such a great achievement. I want to thank Rebecca for being such a great teacher. She really exceeded my expectations and has been so supportive throughout the whole process, especially during the time when juggling the course, work, and three kids became tough. Rebecca personally gave me a call to check on me and to encourage me to start again and complete my program. Her encouraging and reassuring words have been a source of great motivation and I am so lucky and grateful to have had her along the way! I’m looking forward to a career in Human Resources and these courses will really be of help. I’m so glad I took them through Upskilled! Rebecca, I will miss speaking with you and would like to wish you and your family happiness and good health. You should sleep well at night knowing that you’re a great teacher. Your students are very lucky!

  • Bruce Kirkby, CBRE Pty Ltd, Building Maintenance Manager

    Previous to completing this course the highest level of education I had received were trade related qualifications. So I was concerned that I might not be able to complete this course. While doing this Diploma you encouraged me to reach for the stars and that anything was possible. My role at work has now changed from a Maintenance Officer to Maintenance Manager. This has been something I have been working towards for the last 10 years and now it has finally happened thanks to you.

  • Sophie Jayne Hussey, Mad About Plants, Head Propagator

    I just wanted to tell you again, what a wonderful help you were throughout my course. Out of everyone in the class I thought I would definitely struggle especially because I was so new to computers. I now believe that I have the ability to become an outstanding manager, a respectable leader and even a lucrative small business owner. You have encouraged me and shown me that I have the potential and confidence in myself to achieve my dreams.

  • Bruce Reidy-Crofts, Shann Australia WA, Customer Service Manager

    I really enjoyed the course, and I thought Christine Barrett (the presenter) was terrific, and I intend to add to my qualifications with more study in 2014 through Upskilled.

  • Tessa Cooney, Subiaco Private Hospital, Admin Manager

    Thanks for being such a fantastic teacher- I have actually surprised myself how much I have taken from this course an used it in my work!


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