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Encouraging employees to consider an Uspkilled qualification can reap serious rewards for all involved. Upskilled Education Managers are standing by to discuss the skills training requirements of your colleagues, and to identify the relevant Government Funding & Incentive schemes that may apply in addressing course costs. Boosting organisational capability is one outstanding consequence of the Upskilled learning experience, which appeals to working professionals on a number of levels:

Superior skills training

Upskilled qualifications are continuously informed by close consultation with industry. The result is superior skills training that delivers relevant expertise, specifically tailored to the intricacies of your discipline.

Commitment to reach

In addition to conducting course sessions at more than 70 locations around Australia, our commitment to reach extends to providing e-Learning options for individuals who prefer an online experience, and to workplaces around the country via onsite training sessions.

Balance work, life, and study

Our certificate and diploma programs are typically delivered in 7 full-day workshops across 9 months of a 12 month program - a timeframe that brings fast results and allows ample time between sessions to complete independent study and assessment.

Real results

Enhanced job satisfaction, upgraded salary expectations, improved career prospects. Our nationally accredited courses are expressly designed to deliver nothing less.

To find out more about Upskilled and the courses available to your employees click here

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