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FAQ's For Students

What will I get when I successfully finish the course?

A nationally recognised qualification

How long do the courses run?

Our Certificate IV and Diploma classroom courses generally run over a 9 month period, incorporating 7  full-day workshops. In addition to the instructor lead training, you will have additional assignment and assessment work to complete outside of the classroom.

Is there someone I can talk to during the course to ask questions?

Yes. You will be provided contact details of your trainer so that you can ask any questions during the course.

Where can I find more information about the outlines of the courses?

More information can be found on the links here.

Do I need to purchase texbooks?

No. Everything is provided for you.

What makes one eligible for the funding?

Best to call one of our Education Managers for a detailed explanation on 1300 009 924

Do we have Exams towards the certification?

There is no Exam at the end of the courses however there are assignments and assessments to help measure levels of competency.

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