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Flexible Delivery

Upskilled exists to provide superior professional training in ways that enhance the overall educational experience. It is a philosophy that informs each of our three delivery modes, supporting participants in their pursuit of a valuable qualification on their terms.

Classroom Sessions - A Location Near You

Flexibility Delivery ClassUpskilled's commitment to maximising participant access has made it one of the few genuinely national RTOs now operating in Australia. Each year we conduct course sessions at over 70 sites around the country - in every state and territory, at both regional and metropolitan locations. Our interactive workshops are led by dedicated trainers, held in quality venues, and driven by industry-best learning materials. Click here to see a full listing of Upskilled locations.

Our classroom delivery is unique in that participants typically need only attend 7 x full-day workshops, scheduled across 9 months of the 12 month program. This allows Upskilled participants to get the benefits of classroom learning without compromising their work or life commitments. Workshops involve participants in active discussion, problem-solving exercises, networking opportunities, and presentations. Between workshops, participants have sufficient time to undertake self-directed learning, assignments, and out-of-class assessments.

Online Training - Content Meets Innovative Delivery

Flexibility Delivery OnlineUpskilled's brand of effective professional training now extends to the online realm via our customised range of e-Learning solutions. Designed by Upskilled trainers working in close conjunction with ICT specialists, e-Learning is a unique tool that emphasises the latest interactive possibilities of working in the online environment. E-Learning represents a genuine evolution of older distance education models by virtue of in-built innovations that facilitate real educational exchange between participants and assessors. 

Partnering with Upskilled, individuals can now invest in their vocational expertise with the click of a button, with unprecedented freedom to do it their way.

The benefits of e-Leaning with Upskilled

  • Immediate start
  • Individual assessor support for every participant
  • Study at your own pace
  • Immediate assessment results and detailed feedback
  • All qualifications are nationally recognised
  • Many course fees could be covered by government funding

Onsite Options - Upskilled Comes To Your Workplace

Flexibility Delivery OnsiteUpskilled is always pleased to explore onsite options for the delivery of training courses. Where participant numbers and client facilities make workshopping viable, our specialist trainers enjoy the opportunity to present and conduct training in the organisational setting where it will be applied. Upskilled has a wide experience of onsite training in a number of businesses types across many industry sectors. To find out more about onsite options, contact an Upskilled Education Manager today. Learn more...

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