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Industry Leading Trainers

Industry Leading Trainers Large

Upskilled strives for excellence in all levels of our service, but where we excel is with our trainers and facilitators.

Upskilled takes great pride in bringing the very best trainers and facilitators to our course sessions and business development programs. Each week, Upskilled conducts courses at over 70 locations around Australia, so it is imperative that we maintain a large team of specialist trainers to ensure that the highest standards of delivery and service are maintained.

All Upskilled trainers and facilitators have extensive experience working in and with commercial organisations. As well as recent and relevant business experience, our trainers and facilitators are highly qualified and credentialed. Many trainers hold an MBA or similar qualification; all have, as a minimum, the essential qualification for training and assessment (TAE40110).

Upskilled is committed to gathering participant feedback for the support of trainers and facilitators. In turn, the knowledge that Upskilled trainers deliver is highly valued by course participants and business clients alike. Facilitator expertise extends well beyond structured sessions, and informs every aspect of the superior learning experience that Upskilled specialises in.

Upskilled Head Trainers

Training Manager and Head of Business Faculty - Leanne Courtney
National Education Manager and Head of IT Faculty - Michael Williams

Upskilled Trainers

Don Sampaklis

Don is a widely experienced consultant and corporate facilitator who has developed clients' skills in the areas of business management, leadership, project management, customer service, risk management, safety, retail, warehouse operations, and DISC behavioural profiling. More...

Judith Sheridan

Judith is a proficient management trainer/consultant in all areas of executive and management development. An adept HR professional with experience in coaching, organisational development, and executive and conflict coaching, Judith is proficient across all employee lifecycle management functions. More...

Keith Mogford

Keith's extensive business background is predicated on more than 25 years' experience within education training, business management, and OH&S. His career has taken Keith from original equipment manufacturers in reprographic business, across a broad field of marketing and business operations working for Multinationals - Minolta UK, Canon Australia, and twelve years within a group training scheme. More...

Megan Edwards

Megan has over 8 years' experience in training and facilitation.  Megan began her career in the hospitality industry, and has extensive experience across such diverse roles such as Food & Beverage Director, Venue Manager, Restaurant Manager, and Business Owner, all predominately based around corporate and 5 star environments. More...

Meyer Mussry

Meyer has over 20 years' experience in management and over 30 years' in industry.  Having started his career as a Design and Development Engineer in the military and aerospace sector, Meyer moved into management, where he ran a manufacturing facility for Honeywell. More...

Michael Gibbons

Michael has over 20 years' experience in sales and marketing, and training and development.  Having started his career with Australian Guarantee Corporation, he transitioned into sales at Visy Board, where he developed skills and knowledge within the education and training field. More...

Pete Hedges

Pete has over 35 years' experience at state, national, and international senior management levels in the logistics industry, incorporating the areas of distribution, training, development, and OH&S. More...

Peter Gitsham

Peter has over 20 years' experience in management at a senior level, particularly in the Human Resource area. After a long career with Australia Post, Peter moved into a training and consulting role, working with both small and large businesses across a wide range of sectors. More..

Rod Byford

Rod is a passionate and experienced senior manager, coach, and facilitator. He brings extensive management experience and a coaching mentality to businesses and individuals, empowering them to reach new levels of performance success. More...

Sant Kumar

Sant has over 19 years' experience in training and development. Having started his career teaching accounting and economics in Fiji, Sant moved to Australia where he joined Pizza Hut in a management role. More...

Ann-Maria Gibb

Anna-Maria has over 15 years' experience managing teams, including recruitment and training, developing key performance indicators, performance management and customer service.   In addition to managing a small business, Anna-Maria has worked in a variety of industries including medical practice management, waste management, publishing and manufacturing. More...

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