Upskilled is a leading Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that innovates the effective and efficient delivery of vocational qualifications and short courses to working professionals, job seekers and school leavers. As one of the largest RTOs in Australia, we partner with businesses and career-minded individuals to secure superior measurable outcomes.

Tailored Specialisations

Upskilled understands that training solutions must be customised to answer the diverse demands of industry. Accordingly, we tailor our nationally accredited programs to ensure that participants access skills learning that targets their particular professional needs. Upskilled currently offers more than 90 qualifications across many different disciplines:

Optimum Delivery

To maximise client options, Upskilled practices the organisational agility that it is helping to enhance in the national workforce. Participants have the option of undertaking their skills training online via Upskilled's customised online learning platform, MyUpskilled, or face-to-face via our workshop format. Industry experienced trainers, industry-best course materials and high-quality venues are all synonymous with the Upskilled experience.  In addition, Upskilled is a specialist at conducting onsite sessions at company workplaces for even greater convenience.

Tangible Benefits

With Upskilled courses delivered over 12 months, participants are able to accelerate their personal and professional development within a short timeframe. Our qualifications allow individuals to increase productivity and job satisfaction while progressing career prospects and salary expectations.

At industry level, the benefits of skills training are both cultural and bottom-line, with organisations reporting that Upskilled has helped them to:

  • Enhance employee capability
  • Improve workforce retention rates
  • Reduce learning & development outlays
  • Achieve overall competitive advantage in the market

Here's some more reasons to choose Upskilled for your training needs

Government Funding/Incentives 

The federal and state commitment to Learning & Development means a comprehensive framework of funding opportunities exists to facilitate employee upskilling. Upskilled guides clients through every step and handles the administrative processes to ensure every opportunity for funding is explored.