From the Founder and Director

Joel Gage

"When I founded Upskilled in 2009, I had a clear vision of the kind of company I wanted to create. In the first place, I detected a need in the skills training sector for a dynamic and innovative response to the challenges commonly encountered by individuals and businesses in a rapidly changing economy. In the second, I was determined to create the kind of organisation I would actually enjoy working for, and with.

What I did not foresee was the speed with which Upskilled would grow, or the extraordinary enthusiasm participants would demonstrate for our educational offer. We are now one of the largest RTOs in the country, and are pleased to say that we continue to grow apace. At the same time, we maintain our commitment to further developing - and diversifying - the superior learning experiences that have made us the preferred choice for career-minded individuals and their employers across Australia.

I thank you for taking the time to visit our site today, and we invite you to read about our mission, learn more about our course programs, and consider the ways in which we can help realise your professional aspirations and qualify for tomorrow."

Joel Gage
Owner and Founder