Why is it so unique?

Tailored Specialisations

Upskilled understands that training solutions must be customised to answer the diverse demands of industry. Accordingly, our nationally accredited programs are tailored to provide skills learning that specifically targets certain professional needs. We currently offer more than 100 specialised qualifications, and a myriad of custom short courses across a large range of disciplines.

On-site Delivery

Upskilled can deliver your course wherever works best for you – at your work premises, a suitable venue of your choice, or at one of our training locations across Australia. Whether it’s a nationally accredited Certificate or Diploma qualification, individual units of competency packaged together in a custom training plan, or one of our short courses, we can always deliver your course in the right location for you.

Customised Training

Upskilled allows you to create a learning and development plan based around the skills gaps pertinent to your business. This means you will be targeting performance gaps right where they are causing the most pain, creating a more productive, effective, and empowered workforce in the process. To help achieve this with the greatest success, Upskilled also provides a dedicated resource to design and deliver your customised training package.

Practical and Results-Oriented

Our courses are created to be implemented in practice, not merely understood in theory. To assist with this, all courses focus on applying learnt skills in the workplace that will provide immediate business results. As a result, participants often realise personal and professional results within a very short timeframe. At industry level, the benefits of skills training are both cultural and bottom-line, with organisations reporting that Upskilled has helped them to:

  • Enhance employee capability
  • Improve workforce retention rates
  • Reduce learning and development outlays
  • Achieve overall competitive advantage in the market

By upskilling your staff you will be equipping them with the skills to adapt to changing market conditions, evolving work practices, new projects, and specific business challenges.