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Student Q&A: Jeanette Macasieb

Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care (CHC30113)

Jeanette Macasieb lives in beautiful Northern Tablelands of New South Wales, in historic Armidale. She’s been enrolled in the Certificate III of Early Childhood Education and Care CHC30113 since February 2018. This all-round qualification is the legal minimum requirement for every childcare worker in Australia, and has been the standard since around 2012. This qualification allows students to work in childcare anywhere in Australia, a sector that Upskilled student Jeanette is very experienced in already.

Consolidating previous experience in childcare

Jeanette used to work at one of the universities in the Philippines, she explains. “I used to teach Social Sciences subjects for almost a decade. Then I worked as an administrator in a childcare service centre in Singapore.” “I migrated to Australia very recently; just a few months ago, in January.”

Jeanette explains that the colder subtropical highland climate has been a challenge. “Currently, I am adjusting to the weather because I am not used to it! It’s very cold here in Armidale!” Armidale's elevation gives it a milder climate, and winters are long and cool, with many frosty nights. Snowfall even occurs every few years. “It is my first time to experience such a cold winter in a very long span of time!”

A passion for the childcare industry in Australia

This savvy student has plenty of academic experience, having finished a Bachelor of Education (majoring in Social Studies) as well as and Diploma in Learning Disorders Management. Jeanette has also completed a qualification in Child Psychology and Fundamentals in ECCE (Early Childhood Care and Education) while living overseas. To say that she is passionate about childhood care and education is an understatement!

“I already have a job in the childcare industry because I am currently enrolled in this course,” I have been planning on getting myself enrolled in Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care (CHC30113) as I know it will enrich my knowledge about child care,” she says. “I am very passionate about teaching and working with children,” Jeanette says. “I think I was really born to be teacher. I don't have my own child yet - but I am hoping to have one.”

Start your own childcare centre

Jeanette is ambitious and has solid plans to achieve once she is finished her qualification. “I plan to start my own child care service in the future,” she explains, “and I believe this course will expand I my knowledge of childcare.”

As well as this, Jeanette has further plans. “I am also in interested to be working in Special Education services. I am also getting myself adjusted with the language - most especially with the common words that are used here only in Australia.”  

Studying childcare online

Studying online is a great option for people who might not have time to get to a classroom or campus. Online learning does bring some challenges, says Jeanette. “It's is very flexible however I am having the difficulty to manage my time,” she says.

“I am always exhausted after working full time and I am adjusting a lot because I just moved here and I am hoping to balance my time studying and working.” All Upskilled students are assigned a trainer. Nazia Hussain works with Jeanette to ensure she meets her personal and study goals. “I am happy with Nazia Hussain,” says Jeanette. “She is very supportive and she motivates me.”

Why study childcare with Upskilled?

“I have recommended Upskilled to one of my friends who is also interested to study Early Childhood Care and Education. The instructions are clear and comprehensible, my trainer is supportive.”  

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