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Student Q&A: Kriti Chand

FNS40615 - Certificate IV in Accounting

Accounting & Finance
*As of 2019 Upskilled is not offering the FNS40615 - Certificate IV in Accounting. Our course list changes year to year, based on student and industry demand. Please head to our Accounting and Finance course page to see what is currently on offer. 

Kriti Chand
 is an ambitious mum of a two-year-old son, who lives on one of the islands of Fiji and is studying the FNS40615 - Certificate IV in Accounting, a course that prepares students to work in the financial and accounting sector. “I got to learn about the depth of accounting and its importance,” she says. 

“I’ve been interested in this line of work since I was a teenager, since studying in Year 9 in Fiji. The only difference now is that everything I’ve been learning in this course relates to Australian Accounting Standards, as I hope to eventually move my family to Australia to work.”

Kriti was keen to enter the Accounting and Finance industry in Australia and explains, “There are more jobs available in this sector and through my research I have found that jobs in this industry are expected to rise in the coming years.”

Her research is correct; the Department of Employment shows that over the past 5 years the number of jobs in the Accounting and Finance industry has grown strongly, and strong growth is expected in the future with more than 50,000 job openings prospected over the next 5 years to 2020, according to the Job Outlook website.

Skills needed to work in Accounting and Finance

This online student is determined to make her future in the career of her dreams; where accuracy and diligence are necessary skills. “You need to be a patient and calm worker when choosing a career in this field,” she says, “because if one mistake is made, a whole related report could be inaccurate.”  

Kriti has been moving through her certificate at a steady pace, studying at Upskilled for less than one year, in a self-paced format, and she’s already achieved her goals. “The course duration was one year,” she explains, “and since I work from home, I did manage to finish it before that time - which was a great advantage for me.” 

Kriti has big plans to achieve with her qualification, including a potential move to Australia, and her planning is already well on the way.  “At the moment, I am working for an Australian company, Avid Sports Management, as an administration assistant. Currently I work from home,” she says. "In future If I am given an opportunity in this field I would just grab it."

“The advantage is that I did my course in Upskilled. My current career would be great but for that, I have to move to Australia. I am hoping to get a job offer letter from my company, which would enhance my prospects.”

Studying online at your own pace can be a great advantage

Kriti found the online studying format suited her needs. “Studying online is just too good,” she says. “It saves a lot of time, and the most important thing is that you got to choose your own time to complete the course – you are ‘being the boss’ of your own destiny!”

This student gained some help from both her support network and her trainer. “My trainer was Himanshu Gupta,” she explains. “He is a nice person and has a lot of patience who has a great knowledge of Accounting.” As well as support from her trainer, Kriti was happy with the help she received from one of Upskilled’s most experienced Education Consultants.

“Ayisha Tufail helped me a lot in this course,” says Kriti. “Without her, I wouldn’t have enrolled in this course, which I really enjoyed.” Because Kriti likes to spend quality time with her son, the flexibility of studying online was essential.

Existing and new skills make for a well-rounded career

Kriti’s past career and study history is varied. “I did a trade diploma in Frontline Management at Fiji National University. I’ve been working for a golf company for the last four years and I also spent six years working for another golf company that’s very well known, the Intercontinental Fiji Golf Resort and Spa, called the Natadola Bay Championship Golf Course.”  

“I have 10 years’ experience in administration, HR, IT and accounts,” she explains, so Kriti understands that her experience is quite varied and specialised; a great asset for the workforce. “My next goals are to work abroad and get more knowledge in my working career, but I also want to stay with my family if I did gain this opportunity to work abroad.”

The Upskilled experience

So, how did Kriti enjoy her experience with Upskilled? “Studying with Upskilled was a great experience,” she says. “The trainers are very knowledgeable, and they attended to my queries well.” With her goals to come to Australia to work in the Accounting industry, Kriti has made some very positive steps towards her outlook by studying online.

“I am sure that if I do get a chance to work in Australia in future,” she says, “this course will have been a great help for me towards getting a job in the field of Accounting.” ldquo;I would recommend Upskilled to everyone who wants to pursue their career studies. 5 stars out of 5!”

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