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Student Q&A: Giuliano Maritan

Business Faculty Student - Human Resources

Editor's note: Giuliano successfully completed his studies with Upskilled in February 2020. 

Giuliano Maritan is currently a student with Upskilled, studying Human Resources. Itching for a career change, he decided that he wanted to move away from his current role as a chef and make his mark in human resources instead.

For this reason, he decided studying was the best option and it would be an opportunity for him to evolve as a person - both professionally and personally.

In this Q&A, Giuliano shares more about how he came to the decision of changing careers, what he did to move past his initial fears and concerns, and what aspects of human resources he finds fascinating.

Could you tell us more on why you chose to study Human Resources?

I decided to study Human Resources because I was motivated to step up my professional career.

As you might know, changing careers is a hard task, so there has to be a starting point. For me, that was realising I was unqualified for anything else besides being a chef. I also realised that I was the person responsible turning my dreams into reality.

I took my mind back when I finished year 12 (which was almost ten years ago!). I asked myself what is the very starting point to find an occupation? What are other people doing to prepare for employment around the world? Simple answer: they put their time and effort into study.

So, I started to study.

You’re currently working as a chef and have previously studied a fitness course. What made you decide to change career paths to HR?

I take great pride in my fitness background and chef skills. However, I wanted to prove that I could evolve both personally and professionally by setting new and challenging goals for the future.

I always had an interest in topics like human psychology, emotional intelligence and the art of compromise. Due to this, I find human resources to be fascinating when applied to different aspects of business - I love it. job applicants waiting to be called for interview

Obviously when changing careers, there comes some fears and doubts. How did you motivate yourself to take the opportunity to study again?

I believe that to place yourself as a professional in a different industry, there is no other way but to study for it. It was a hard task to step out of my comfort zone and realise that I was not qualified to do anything else other than my current occupation.

The way I see it there are two options:
  • You can either enjoy and do nothing for your future, and hopefully, someone will help you achieve your goal, or
  • You can take action and responsibilities for yourself, step outside your everyday routine and show the world who you are.
I picked the second option, without a second thought.

How are you balancing work with your studies?

I started prioritising my studies in human resources. This meant no more time watching my favourite TV shows, playing video games, or hanging out with friends.

I believe this is a necessary step to take if you want to succeed and change the direction of your life: cut distractions and start building something great.

What job role in HR is appealing to you?

In my opinion, the most appealing thing in human resources is that you introduce yourself as a landmark for the organisation - a figure that everyone can count on.

If I had to pick a role according to my internship (and limited experience) in the field, it would be to help support business administration specialists and other office staff. It is genuinely exciting and satisfying.

During my internship, I also had the opportunity to briefly counsel staff, and resolve issues between management and employees. I found that really exciting as well. HR concept

What skills do you already have that can help you succeed in HR?

As mentioned above, I like human psychology, emotional intelligence and the art of compromise.These three skills are the foundation of my human resources study project, and without them, I wouldn't be here speaking about my experience in the field.

I want to add that you don't necessarily need to be a people person. I believe it is a myth that you must enjoy a social life to be an excellent human resources professional. A lot of people around me were surprised that I chose this path because I was not socially active enough. Don’t let other people's opinion fool you.

I described myself as a professional people person and the knowledge I have in human resources fuels my genuine interest to support colleagues and management.

Any helpful advice you’d like to share for those thinking of changing careers? 

Dream big, and if you start to feel like you’re outside your comfort zone, it means that you are on the right path to success.

I'd like to thank Upskilled staff Amba Rees, Rebecca Churchill and Nathaline Nakhoul in being so supportive and assisting me in the best way possible. I am glad that I can count on them during this journey in human resources.

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