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Adam Edgar

Position Manager
Organisation Gibbs Parts Pty Ltd

"I came into management with no experience and I suggested to my boss at the time that I always wanted to be a manager. I said I'd like to have some training. 
I did that first certificate four and really enjoyed it, really enjoy the style of teaching and the trainers. When it came time a couple of years later, certificate four gave me a good head start. I felt like there was more to learn and so I looked into the Diploma level. There were quite a few that interested me so I put my hand up for the Diploma of Leadership and Management and through talking to the trainer I learnt about the other modules in other Diplomas and they interested me so then I did a Diploma of Business and then I was a bit more interested in HR so I did the Diploma of Human Resources Management. Then I thought why not finish off and do the Diploma of Business Administration and that's the one I'm finishing off at the moment. I hadn't been at school since 16 and while I was there I didn't really enjoy it and didn't excel at it. Throughout all the Diplomas and certificate I got really high praise from the trainers about the quality of my work which always surprised me because I'm very hard on myself. "

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