Lorraine Timpano

Position Secretary to Director Logistics
Organisation Deakin University

My experience of doing this course has been very positive, motivating, and challenging. Having worked in administration for over 20 years, 12 of those in the role of executive assistant. I came to the course with existing skills and experience. My initial reason for attending was to have this experience recognised with a certificate. However, as I settled into the course, I found that I embraced new ideas and concepts, and with each unit found a renewed enthusiasm and confidence to make changes to processes I currently use in my work. I thank Upskilled for being so informative and helpful throughout this course. I have found the Upskilled trainers to be down to earth, professional, and to oversee a training day that is structured, fun, and that flows well.     I have noticed that in my personal journey I have been more open to new ideas, and really listened to fellow participants in order to take on alternative points of view; professionally, I know I have grown and contributed to the running of the course, which I recommend to anyone currently working in the field.

Qualify For Tomorrow

Upskilled qualifications make for highly attractive additions to any CV. In competitive labour markets, employers actively seek out the career-minded self-starters whose capacity for successful independent study demonstrates personal resources that every business needs: initiative, application, vocational expertise. Whether you're looking for a new role, a fast track promotion, or an avenue to further study, Upskilled's certificate and diploma courses will help you qualify for tomorrow. Some of our satisfied students have provided the following testimonials. 

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