Upskilled understands that gaining a qualification is only the start. Career outcomes are the main goal, and that's why Upskilled supports students even once they've completed their qualification via the Upskilled Talent Community. This exciting and innovative new initiative has been developed to help support you in your career endeavors.  

Join over 100,000 other candidates who are also using this platform to successfully link with employers of choice such as Bupa and KPMG along with leading recruitment firms.

The great news is that by joining the Upskilled Talent Community, you will be creating a digital career profile (CV) that you can use to apply for jobs and also be discovered by potential employers in our live talent market, where you can connect with the employers you want to work for.  

The technology behind the Upskilled Talent Community essentially flips the typical recruitment path on its head. It's programmatic recruitment that turns the entire process of hiring and job hunting into useful data for both employers and employees, which makes HR functions automatic and predictable for both sides of the career coin. 

All Upskilled alumni and current students have access to the Upskilled Talent Community.

How it Works

The process of creating a profile and building your online CV and profile is quite simple.

First, create a profile outlining what you are looking for in terms of employment, salary and industry. The system will then automatically matches you based on your profile, qualifications and desired employment, with suitable employers that are hiring and their relevant available positions. You filter out what positions you are looking for and we use the data to match you with suitable positions from the employer talent pools. Employers will ask you if you want to join their Talent Communities to receive employment offers. Plus, when you accept invitations to connect with the employer from the live market, you automatically enter that employers Talent Community.

The Upskilled Talent Community is a communication platform for job seekers and employers. This streamlines the follow up process and query rounds. Easily get in touch with hiring managers or vice versa, the Upskilled Talent Community bypasses the hours of looking on job boards in search of suitable jobs and all the unanswered calls and emails. 

Finally, your online CV let's you explicitly list experience, salary expectations and expertise. The information is displayed clear as day without all the clutter of a typical, wordy CV. What's more, your digital CV is shareable and searchable. This means you can send prospective employers your CV and likewise, they can search it while your full name remains anonymous in search engine indexes. 

The whole concept of digitising and streamlining recruitment is beneficial for both employers and employees. The process is easier for both parties, makes communication manageable, puts numbers to a very human interaction and the platform can be predictive for companies, alerting them of busy periods and decreases in workforce in advance, and job seekers if they're interactions show signs of career progression or stagnation. 

Next Steps 

Join the Upskilled Talent Community with fellow alumni and branch out to be seen by other employers including EY, Bupa and KPMG. 

Joining the Upskilled Talent Community is the logical next step to putting your Upskilled qualification to use.

Get started here.