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Bachelor of Applied Business
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Nationally recognised
3 years full time or 6 years part time
360 credit points
Flexible payments available

Course Summary

3 years full time or 6 years part time
360 credit points

Upskilled's Education Consultants are uniquely positioned to provide detailed information about many types of online qualifications, and we've been asked to provide our highly valued services to students interested in La Trobe University's Bachelor of Applied Business (LBAB).

By speaking to one of our friendly Education Consultants, you can receive (at no cost to you):

  • Free information. Ask us a question and we will offer you advice on these qualifications.
  • We’re here to help you work out which type of qualification might be best, based on your experience and needs.
  • Quick readiness check. We can also complete a free preliminary assessment of your readiness to start studying.
  • Introduction. If you're ready, we can get you connected with a direct introduction to La Trobe's enrolment office. This will help get you started on the first step of your enrolment process, which includes a Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) assessment provided by La Trobe University.
Your consultation and part of your enrolment will be managed by Upskilled, and your qualification will be delivered by La Trobe University in its entirety. This includes (but is not limited to) all payments, HECS-HELP applications, training and assessments, and student support.

La Trobe University has partnered with Didasko to deliver this degree. This amazing higher education business course is only available online, delivered via the award-winning Didasko online learning management platform.

About the qualification

Looking to develop practical knowledge in the world of business? The Bachelor of Applied Business (LBAB) is ideal for those aspiring to broaden their skillset in the business industry. It's also a degree that can help you change careers or move onto your next business venture, either as an entrepreneur or another role with a more senior title.

By studying this applied business qualification, you give yourself the advantage of learning universal skills like critical thinking and communication that can prepare you for a variety of roles in the industry. You also put yourself in a market where this degree can help you move up the ranks and have a high earning potential. The Bachelor of Applied Business (LBAB) is a program delivered online so you'll have the flexibility of still being able to tend to your work commitments while you study.

If you're looking for a thorough and practical course that helps increase your commercial awareness and learn about the workings of organisations, this applied degree can be a study pathway that allows you to set foundations in place for your future business career.

Course structure

This bachelor degree is conducted over a 3 year (full-time) or 6 year (part-time) period and is delivered online by Didasko, on behalf of La Trobe University.

The course structure below is indicative and subject to change depending on how you tailor your course with specialisations, majors, minors and electives. The program is designed to give you the option of exiting the course with an applied diploma (after Year 1) or an applied associate degree (after Year 2). Note: only one testamur will be issued which will be for the highest level achieved.

In your third year, you'll have the opportunity to select five electives, which can range from social marketing to organisational change & development. You'll also be completing core units that have a focus on leadership, entrepreneurship and digital business.


Studying online has many great benefits and can provide convenience to those who have busy, professional work lives. This bachelor's degree is flexible and allows you to learn at a time that suits you without disrupting your work and personal commitments. By studying this qualification, you'll have:

  • Access to a 100% online course from start to finish
  • Full support from qualified academics
  • Access to engaging and award-winning content
  • An easy-to-use, single learning portal
  • The ability to start immediately via monthly intakes
Recognition of Prior Learning

Students who have studied at a tertiary level elsewhere or happen to have a qualification or work experience similar to this degree may qualify for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)/Credit Transfer.

Upon enrolment, students will be able to discuss if their experience or previous studies qualifies for RPL/Credit Transfer, which can help them complete their studies earlier or reduce their study load.


Course materials range from webinars, tutorials and lectures, which can be accessed online by students. Assessments for this program will have students answering open-ended questions and undertaking various practical activities and assignments to apply the theoretical concepts learnt throughout the course.

Course Detail

The Bachelor of Applied Business is an exciting qualification that can help you gain new skills in support of a career change or if you have the desire to start your own business. This course is also highly practical and designed to provide you with job-ready skills that can prepare you for future employment outcomes that align with your goals.

You'll be learning subject matters that relate to the business world such as marketing, accounting and finance and business data. You'll also get the opportunity to choose electives that can range from areas in HR to project management.

Course Structure

The Bachelor of Applied Business consists of core units and elective subjects. Students are required to complete 360 credit points to satisfy the requirements for the course. They also have the option to exit early, either to graduate with an associate degree (240 credit points) or diploma qualification (120 credit points).


Year 1 core subjects

Unit Code
Unit Name
BUS1OPX Office Professional
BUS1BFX Business Fundamentals
BUS1AFX Accounting and Finance Fundamentals
MKT1MDX Marketing: Stand & Deliver
MGT1OBX Working With Others
CSE1SPX Sustainability Practices

Elective subjects (choose 2)

Unit Code
Unit Name
CSE1ITX Information Technology Fundamentals
BUS2WDX Manage Diversity
BUS2PMX Project Management
MKT1ADX Advertising in a Digital Age
MGT1FOX Foundations of Management

Year 2 core subjects

Unit Code
Unit Name
BUS1ABX Analysing Business Data
BUS2BIX Business Innovation
LST2BSX Introduction to Business Law & Ethics
BUS1BUX Investigating Economic Issues
MGT2IMX Managing Across Borders

Elective subjects (choose 3)

Unit Code
Unit Name
BUS2WDX Manage Diversity
BUS2PMX Project Management
MKT2MRX Market, Audience & Social Research
MKT2BBX Digital Branding & Retailing
MKT2CBX Consumer Behaviour
MGT2BEX Business Ethics
MGT2HRX Human Resouce Management

Year 3 core subjects

Unit Code
Unit Name
BUS3DBX Digital Business
BUS3ENX Entrepreneurship
MGT3LWX Leadership

Elective subjects (choose 5)

Unit Code
Unit Name
BUS3SVX Service Management
BUS3WLX Work-based learning project
MKT3IMX International Marketing
MKT3SOX Social Marketing
MKT3SMX Strategic Marketing
MGT3OCX Organisational Change & Development
MGT3SMX Strategic Management

Completion Certificate

You will gain individual certificates after completing each course

Entry requirements

Start date

For admission to this study program, one of the following is required:

  • If you have completed Year 12 in the past 2 years, you will need a 50+ ATAR score with a Units 3 & 4 study score of at least 25 in English, or
  • An equivalent academic level achievement, or
  • At least two years of work experience, after leaving school

All students are required to undergo the online Pre-enrolment Assessment and achieve a pass mark of 60%.

Students undergo a pre-enrolment interview process to assess their suitability for the program. Upon enrolment, students need to provide supporting documentation such as Proof of ID, Proof of Citizenship, Academic/Work Documentation and Photo.

*Additional eligibility criteria may be applicable and affected by other factors and personal circumstances. Please speak with our Education Consultants to confirm your eligibility for this course.

Resource requirements

To get the most out of this exciting online experience, we recommend you equip yourself with the right tools for the job before you commence your studies.

All study resources (content and assessments) will be provided as part of the course. You will need to supply the following.

  • A good, reliable internet connection
  • Computer capable of running Windows (check with manufacturer if unsure)
  • Webcam
  • Sound capabilities (microphone/speakers)

Please note: should you wish to take electives, BUS2PMX - Project Management and/or CSE1ITX - Information Technology Fundamentals, and you are studying using an Apple computer, please let us know at the time of your selection.

Payment Options


​No up-front fees with a Govt Assistance Package.
Estimated cost per year if studying full time





Pay by Subject

Flexible subject-by-subject payments for your course, in the order you study them.
Full-time students Pay for 2 subjects every 3 months Part-time students Pay for 1 subject every 3 months


Career outcomes

This bachelor's degree can help improve employment prospects for those keen to have a broader sense of the business world. Graduates can potentially explore the following career outcomes.

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Want to know all about this course? Get our course brochure to discover what it's like to study LBAB - Bachelor of Applied Business. Submit your details and simply click 'Download'.

Download course guide

Want to know all about this course? Get our course brochure to discover what it's like to study . Submit your details and simply click 'Download'.

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