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Bachelor of

Health Science (Western Herbal Medicine)

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Start date
7th Jan, 25th Feb
3-6 years
Online & campus
36 units


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What goes into western herbal medicine, and how does it provide effective treatment? Individuals who undertake this Bachelor course will have the opportunity to educate themselves in the properties, preparation, and prescription of herbal medicine and how such treatments can provide the therapeutic effects to meet patient needs. 
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The ability to make a real difference in people’s lives is so important. You must go in with the knowledge that what you do can help your clients.
Industry Q&A: Community Services with Perrin Whimpress
, Respite Services Coordinator
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Those who seek to gain further knowledge in incorporating herbal medicine as part of a holistic and scientifically-based health plan will find themselves well suited for this qualification. The units provided will cover knowledge and training in areas such as biological and social sciences, wetern herbal medicine and clinical studies, herbal pharmacology, and the history and philosophy of herbal medicine.
  • Course structure

    This course is comprised of 36 units cover such knowledge and training as: biological and social sciences, western herbal medicine and clinical studies, properties of herbs and herbal pharmacology and the history and philosophy of herbal medicine.
    Students will also complete industry experience through two work placement components, Clinical Studies and Clinical Practicum.
    This course is delivered over a duration of 3-6 years. You can choose from full-time or part-time delivery modes, putting you in total control of your completion date. This course is delivered at both the Brisbane and Sydney ACNT campus. For online study, each subject runs for 10 weeks and your study time commitment is approximately 10 hours (per subject) per week. Some subjects are offered online, while others must be taken on-campus, in a specialist facility.

  • Entry requirements

    Students will need access to a computer, and the internet, and have basic computing skills. A Language Literacy and Numeracy skills assessment may be required before enrolment can be confirmed.

    Preferred pathways for candidates considering this qualification may include:

    • Successful completion of a Senior High School Certificate (Year 12) or equivalent
    • Demonstrated vocational experience in the health science field, with an ATAR of 60 or equivalent, for mature age entry
    • A First Aid Certificate, Working with Children and Police Check
    • Pass in a science subject at a senior secondary level recommended
  • Inclusions

    Unlike distance education or correspondence courses,  the facilitated online cohort-based study model allows you to interact and network with other students, using a range of communication and collaboration tools such as discussion forums, message boards, blogs and wiki’s (editable web pages) and RSS feeds, to ensure you never feel isolated in your independent learning. Courses feature:

    • Flexible learning: online or on-campus 
    • Dedicated online lecturer who guides the learning process and provides academic support 
    • Industry placement so you graduate with experience
    • Access to a fully customised, state-of-the-art learning portal
    • Access to one of the largest online libraries in Australia, with over 70 million articles available
    • Access to a web-based job finder for job opportunities 
    • Access to Upskilled's Student Rewards Program
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
    Work experience or formal qualifications you have may count towards your course. If you have previously undertaken study at a recognised institution or have some relevant work experience, you might gain credit towards specific units in a course; shortening the time you have to study. You can send your application for Credit Transfer or RPL during the enrolment process.
  • Industry placement
    The course work includes both clinical work and fieldwork placement, ensuring that you graduate with valuable experience and industry contacts. Students undertake around 100 hours of practical work placement over the course of their degree, which means you graduate with not only a qualification but also invaluable professional experience - equipping you to be work ready.


The Bachelor of Health Science (Western Herbal Medicine) graduates are well placed to pursue a career as a herbal medicine practitioner. This degree meets industry association requirements so you can become a member of the related professional association. On completion of this course, you could explore other career outcomes. 


The Bachelor of Health Science (Western Herbal Medicine) consists of three levels of subjects, each with core units of competency and electives are chosen by students to complete each level. The course consists of 36 units of competency.

Year 1 

Unit Code
Unit Name
BHS101A  Anatomy & Physiology 1
BHS103A Counselling & Communication Skills
CAM105A Herbal Medicine Manufacturing
CAM101A History & Philosophy of Complementary & Alternative Medicine
BHS104A Anatomy & Physiology 2
BHS102A Bioscience 
CAM102A Botany 
CAM103A Nutritional Foundations 1
BHS106A Anatomy & Physiology 3
BHS105A Biochemistry 1
BHS107A  Research & Evidence-Based Practice
CAM202A WHM Materia Medica 1

Year 2 

Unit Code
Unit Name
BHS201A General Pathology
BHS202A Biochemistry 2
CAM203A Nutritional Foundations 2
CAM204A WHM Materia Medica 2
BHS203A  Pathophysiology & Clinical Diagnosis 1
CAM207A WHM Pharmacology
CAM308A  Herbal Medicine Therapeutics 1
CAM206A Clinical Studies 1 
BHS204A Pathophysiology & Clinical Diagnosis 2
CAM307A  Health Assessment & Diagnostic Techniques
CAM315A Herbal Medicine Therapeutics 2
CAM305A Clinical Studies 2

Year 3

Unit Code
Unit Name
BHS301A Pathophysiology & Clinical Diagnosis 3
CAM402A Advanced Herbal Medicine
BHS401A Professional Practice
CAM311A Clinical Studies 3
CAM405A Integrative Complementary Medicine 1
BHS302A Drug & Integrated Pharmacology
CAM309A WHM Clinical Practicum 1
CAM310A WHM Clinical Practicum 2
CAM407A Integrative Complementary Medicine 2
CAM316A WHM Clinical Practicum 3
CAM317A Advanced WHM Clinical Practicum 1
CAM318A Advanced WHM Clinical Practicum 2
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