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ICT30118 Certificate III In Information Digital Media and Technology


People who have the desire to work in systems administration or data entry need to have excellent attention-to-detail, be capable of using various applications and systems and have high-level administration skills. Professionals in this field ideally enjoy problem-solving and be interested in working with technology. People who enjoy working autonomously and routine work will thrive in roles such as system administrator or data entry operator. 

Systems Administrator

Systems administrators oversee the configuration, maintenance and upkeep of organisational computer systems. They supervise other personnel and may hold budgets. Systems administrators are responsible for the smooth running of the security, data management and operating systems of an organisation.

Data Entry Operator

Data entry operators provide a variety of services related to the manual processing of information such as text or codes. They are skilled in clerical work. Depending on their job role they may perform tasks such as transcribe verbal information, proofread and correct copy, code data or maintain data storage systems.


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