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WorkReady is a South Australian government initiative that brings together funding for training, employment and skills activities.

With the WorkReady program, The South Australian Government is able to invest in training which is targeted to the areas of greatest need to industry.

What is the aim of WorkReady SA funding?

The aim of WorkReady is to create the connection between training, skills and jobs, along with connecting individuals with the training and employment best suited to them across their career. The ability to fill current and emerging job opportunities by building a skilled and capable workforce is what the WorkReady Program is aiming to achieve.

Individuals need to meet course entry requirements and verify their eligibility for enrolment before being enrolled in a government subsidised training place.

What does WorkReady SA funding provide?

WorkReady has been designed so that students, job seekers, employers, industry, the training sectors and government have the flexibility to respond to changing social, geographic and economic circumstances and opportunities.

The Government wants people to be in the best position to successfully complete their training course or employment project and move into higher level qualifications and/or a job.

How does the foundation skills assessment tool work?

Participants receive an upfront assessment of their learning and support needs which includes using a foundation skills assessment tool. This identifies literacy and numeracy issues that need to be immediately addressed.

Based on the assessment and individual preferences, people are able to access training, employment and skills development options from three streams of WorkReady activity:

Preparatory – includes foundation literacy and numeracy skills courses, prevocational courses and Adult Community Education (ACE) courses

Industry entry level – includes courses designed for direct entry into a job, traineeship or apprenticeship; and employment projects developed with employers at the local and regional level for job seekers who have barriers to employment

Upskilling – higher level courses, skill sets and skill clusters, usually undertaken by people already in a job to improve their skills or to reskill. This stream will include a selection of priority courses identified through industry consultation that are imperative to meeting the government’s economic and strategic objectives.


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