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Cluster 1 - Business Analysis

Effective analysis is a starting point for those seeking to enable their business through utilising IT systems. The workplace skills provided in this cluster cover a broad range of key systems and services.  This cluster delivers outcomes that are broad in Business Analysis and are relevant to multiple types of business in various contexts.

Broad concepts covered

  • Ethics 
  • Privacy 
  • Copyright 
  • Business Analysis 
  • Business Strategy 
  • Business Problem Solving 
  • Strategic Planning 
  • Planning for Analysis 

Cluster 2 - IT Analysis

IT Analysts must have the skills and knowledge to ensure that business systems are ready, available and capable for the purpose they were designed. The workplace skills provided in this cluster cover a broad range of concepts for IT Analysis. This cluster has ITIL at its heart and provides a framework for best practise IT governance and design. 

This cluster delivers outcomes that are broad and transferable across systems and are relevant to many different systems running on various platforms. Concepts are applicable across many different platforms. 

Broad concepts covered

  • Project Development 
  • Validation of IT Solutions 
  • Quality Principles 
  • Service Strategy 
  • Service Design 
  • Service Transition 
  • Service Operations 
  • Continual Service Improvement

Cluster 3 - Change Management

The best solutions can fail if they are not accepted by the wider community. Change is a key focus of successful analysts. This cluster develops change skills that range from being a change agent to leading change. This cluster delivers outcomes that are broad in change methodology, and business needs analysis and are transferrable across multiple industries, systems and platforms. 

Broad concepts covered

  • Change management 
  • Leading change 
  • Continuous Improvement 
  • Project Change 

Cluster 4 - Communication Management

Successful Business Analysts are generally not successful because of superior technical skills alone. Most have skills and knowledge that ensure they deliver appropriate service through superior communications skills like active listening and situational empathy. Being able to communicate with customers at all levels will ensure positive business support outcomes.

The workplace skills provided in this cluster cover a broad range of concepts for systems support and maintenance. At the core of this cluster is communication. Many of the skills learned are applicable across many job roles and industry sectors. 

This cluster provides the framework and skills set that are platform and systems independent and vital to ensure that Support staff have the procedures, systems and policies in place to support correct, unbiased decision making in times of extreme stress. These will also extend to preventative maintenance and proactive problem management to reduce system incidents.

Broad concepts covered

  • Communities of Practice 
  • Ethics 
  • Project Communication 
  • Effective Listening 
  • Influencing Others 
  • Building High Performance Teams 

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