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20 March 2020 update - Work Placement Q&A

This Work Placement Q&A answers the most common questions regarding Work Placement during the COVID-19 crisis.

Important update: Temporary suspension of Upskilled’s 60-Day Work Placement Guarantee during COVID-19. 

Originally posted: 19 March 2020

We regretfully announce that, effective immediately, Upskilled will be temporaily unable to offer the 60-day Work Placement Guarantee for enrolling students or current students who have not yet secured work placement.

Securing work placement has been greatly affected in the last few weeks by the numerous facility restrictions, bans on gatherings and office closures affecting the country during this pandemic.

The Work Placement Guarantee will be reinstated when the outbreak of COVID-19 has eventually subsided, and work placement opportunities once again become available. In the meantime, we remain actively engaged in assisting our students in many ways while they continue their course, and helping them prepare for and secure work placements once the crisis passes.

You can rest assured we will always put the health and safety of our students first, and it is our number one priority to support them during this time. 

Upskilled is currently in the process of updating our work placement support strategy for currently enrolled students, and we will continue to keep them informed as the situation evolves.

We thank you for your understanding.

Many of our courses involve what is known as structured workplace learning, workplace assessment, or work placement. 

Effectively, this means that during your course you will complete a portion of your learning and course work in a real workplace, giving you the chance to develop and demonstrate the skills and knowledge you have been learning throughout your qualification.

Work placement is designed to give you valuable insight into the industry in which you are working. It might also help you develop mentors and contacts that might assist you on your career job search.

How does work placement operate?

To complete your course, you’ll need to access to a relevant workplace. Many students undertake work placement at their current workplace or via other contacts, or colleagues. This can be accommodated by Upskilled with appropriate agreements.

Upskilled will find you a work placement using various tools and relationships. One of these tools is an advanced mapping tool which will locate a placement as close to your residence as possible. Your work placement will need to be undertaken in Australia at a workplace that has been approved by Upskilled

What do I do at a work placement?

Once you have a work placement, you'll do a series of prescribed tasks and activities over time, and at an appropriate standard, under the guidance of a qualified workplace supervisor. You'll record these tasks and work with your trainer to gain the skills you need accreditation for, as outlined in your course Unit Outline.

For those who might need assistance, there's plenty of support to help you along the way, including:

What do I need to commence my work placement?

There are a number of statutory checks required by workplaces, such as a Working with Children Check. These vary by state and territory, check your state or territory here. In addition, individual workplaces may impose additional requirements on students undertaking work placement. An application for the required check is a requirement of enrolment in the course.

How can Upskilled help me find work placement?

During the first 60 days of your enrolment a dedicated Upskilled work placement coordinator will work with you to gain a work placement position. Your work placement will need to be completed in Australia, and you will be responsible for the costs of any travel, accommodation, statutory checks or other requirements related to your work placement.

During your placement an Upskilled workplace assessor will visit to communicate with your supervisor and observe you performing some of your assessment tasks. 

If Upskilled cannot secure you a work placement* within the first 60 days, we will withdraw your enrolment from the course, as this is required to be successful in the course.

What if work placement cannot be organised?

If a work placement visit cannot be organised due to the unavailability of some or all parties a professional conversation between Upskilled's Trainer/Assessor, the student and Workplace Supervisor will take place for validation of the student’s practical skill ability. This will be recorded and where possible practical skills will be simulated or assessed by the Trainer/Assessor via video link.

Who is the Upskilled Work Placement Coordinator?

Jye Brennan will work with you to find, or assist in finding you a suitable work placement. Having procured many work placements for our students, he has well-established relationships with a large number of employers and industry leaders across Australia.

As work placements are a key requirement in several of our courses, his goal is to ensure you have every possible chance to succeed in your qualification.

What is the Upskilled work placement guarantee?

Please note: This has been temporarily suspended due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

Upskilled will secure work placement for all students to ensure it can provide an environment in which students can be successful in the course. Students must accept offered work placements that meet the conditions agreed to prior to enrolment.

After the first 60 days, if a work placement has not been secured, the student will be withdrawn from the course and will only incur a total fee of $495 for the part of the course participated in during the first 60 days and a Statement of Attainment will be issued for any completed units.

*A student may request a 30 day extension to assist in finding a work placement, but the student cannot progress to the next section of the course until a work placement is secured.

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