For more information download the Employer Information Pack (PDF)

Can I cancel the training?

You should contact your Upskilled Education Manager to discuss your options or refer to the student information pack for the policies and procedures regarding cancellations.

We have a major project on and I would like to put the training on hold, is that possible?

You should contact your Upskilled Education Manager to discuss your options.

Can I change the way the student does the training, like online or face to face?

Yes, changes to the training plan can be negotiated by contacting an Upskilled Education Manager

How do I know when the student has finished the training?

As you have been monitoring your student's progress you will know if they have completed the requirements. If you are unsure, however, you should contact our Student Support staff.

The student just finished all of the requirements. What happens now?

You will receive the certificate from the RTO and now you can watch what has been taught be put into action. You can also start discussions on future training or workforce development needs you or your company may have.

My student is quite experienced and I want to know if that will be taken into account or if they can get credit or something for it, is that possible?

Yes the process that you are describing is an RPL or RCC process. This is offered to all students enrolled at Upskilled. If you are unsure if the student has applied, please ask them or contact an Upskilled Education Manager to discuss.

Can I get help from Upskilled to find out what training our company needs with other staff?

Upskilled has very experienced staff in adult vocational workplace learning and is able to assist with workforce development plans and conducting training needs analysis.

Is it possible to get Upskilled to deliver the training at our workplace?

You should contact an Upskilled Education Manager to discuss your options. Courses onsite are a regular part of our service to our clients. Minimum numbers requirements must be met however.

Is it possible to get government funding support to train my workforce?

You should contact an Upskilled Education Manager to discuss any funding options.

What happens if a staff member resigns while doing the course?

You will need to advise Upskilled. The student will not receive the qualification if they do not complete the course.

Can I pay for my staff to do the course even if they do not qualify for the funding/incentives?


Is there any other paperwork that we need to fill in during the course?

There is paperwork that needs to be filled out such as training plans. The experienced staff at Upskilled will be able to assist you with any additional paperwork required.

Can I send more than one staff member?

There is no limit to the number of staff members that your company can enrol onto the training. Obviously, you will only receive funding for those who are eligible.