Choosing your ideal career path - and finding the educational options that will put you on the right path - is stressful. Is full-time study the right fit for you? Can you afford it? Will you get the marks you need for uni? Do you even want to go?  All questions you're probably asking yourself in the lead up to completing high school.

Earn and Learn

Increasingly, tomorrow's professionals are choosing to launch careers sooner, building vital workplace skill sets at the earliest opportunity while balancing work and study on their own terms. It's an approach that sidesteps the common graduate predicament of being overqualified on paper and under-prepared in terms of real world experience. It is also demonstrated proof of a quality that employers clamour for: initiative.

Upskilled simplifies the decision-making process with a range of flexible study options that make it easy to combine work and study. Our qualifications are delivered online in achievable timeframes leaving you free to build competencies in the place you'll need them: the workplace.

'Earn and Learn' is a proven career accelerator, with school leavers investing in their employability on simultaneous fronts. Those who want a tertiary education experience typically take advantage of Upskilled's Pathways to University , where they again find themselves ahead of the curve, having previously succeeded in balancing career and professional training.

Benefits of studying at Upskilled

  • As a Registered Training Organisation, Upskilled's qualifications are nationally accredited
  • No formal entry requirements
  • Credit Transfer agreements with leading Australian universities
  • Experiential learning - the skills you acquire with Upskilled have an immediate positive impact on your productivity and workplace effectiveness
  • A professional qualification at certificate or diploma level
  • No need to travel long distances - study online in the comfort of your own home or favourite study spot

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