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10 job Industries experiencing growth

By Michael Crump | 07 June 2016

While I’m not one to closely track every move that celebrities make, I think it’s safe to say that Emma Watson’s recent graduation this year from Brown University sends an inspiring message out across the world

If Emma –one of Hollywood’s leading young actors with an already very well-established career path, decided it was in her best interests to pursue the completion of her English Literature degree, what is stopping the rest of us from furthering our education?

Continuing education, or going back to school to finish up a degree, is something that most people have at least considered from time to time. With celebrities like Emma going back to school, and believing that education is something that’s important for them, it shows the rest of us that having an education is something to be proud of. It also says that having a backup plan is extremely valuable –even if you’re a Hollywood star! Emma’s English Literature degree is one that could be used in a career in publishing, journalism, or teaching, just to name a few.

If you’re on the fence about your education, and trying to decide whether to pursue a degree, one of the most important steps in determining which academic path to pursue, is finding a career that’s firmly rooted in an industry that’s here to stay.

If you’re looking to get into a career in a fast growing industry, you may want to look at this list of ten industries that are currently experiencing tremendous growth. Read on and see if any of these spark your interest!

1. Real Estate I know, I know – the real estate industry has come under fire in recent years. But despite the negative associations, this industry is one that’s experiencing tremendous growth. Of course, it’s important to remember that peaks and downturns in this industry are cyclical, so some years will show greater growth than others. Still, as long as the world’s population continues to grow, I’d say it’s safe to assume that homes will always be in demand.

2. Construction Construction-related industries are among the fastest-growing industries. Commercial and residential builders, foundation contractors, and architectural engineering are just a few examples of viable career paths that are connected to this industry.

3. Health and Wellness Health and wellness industries are on the rise. From healthcare workers to gym employees, anything health or wellness related is experiencing growth. As more and more people become health conscious, the need for health care workers is greater than the amount of workers available, thus the increase in healthcare and wellness industries, worldwide. Interested in nursing, dentistry, or medicine? What about a career path as a personal trainer? There are plenty of options for you to choose from in this ever-popular industry.

4. Engineering Here’s one for those of you who have a need to know how things work! Engineering jobs, as a whole, are expected to grow by at least 11% between 2008 and 2018according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And depending on which type of engineering you’re interested in, there could be even faster growth. For instance, biomedical engineers have taken the lead with 72% growth! The engineering industry is an ever growing, extremely promising field, and from the looks of it –it’s only poised to grow with time.

5. Travel and Tourism With 6.8% growth in just the first three months of 2013, it’s easy to see that the travel and tourism industries are really taking off. Consider passenger flights -which grew in the first quarter of 2013, by 19%. The travel and tourism industry is also hiring at a faster rate than other sectors of the U.S. economy. Check out some of our events and tourism courses that are designed to help you start your career as a travel consultant!

6. Digital Security As more and more companies go digital, the more information is being stored on computers. But of course, as we’ve seen time and again, online data is vulnerable to being stolen. Enter digital forensics, the crime solvers of the 21st century. Data protection and data security have become top priority for many companies as cybercrime continues to rise, putting the digital security industry as one of the quickly growing industries, growing at a rate of almost 14% per year.

7. Translation Services With more than 7,000 different languages spoken worldwide, and with more and more companies going global, the need for translation services is growing. Translation services are in demand for multiple industries including advertising, social media, or packaging. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 42% growth for the translation industry between 2010 and 2020.

8. Accounting Accounting is another industry that has seen immense growth over the past year. Accounting covers a wide variety of careers such as tax preparers, bookkeeping, and payroll services. The demand for accounting services is usually high, and this industry experienced fairly consistent increases.

9. Computer Systems Design If you’ve got a knack for computers, and an interest in programming, a career in computer systems design could be in your future. Careers that are connected to computer systems design include programming, systems integration, and facilities management. This industry has grown at mid- to high-teens percentages since 2010. One of the main drivers for this could be that companies are continuing to show a preference for software-based systems over hiring new staff.

10. Agribusiness Finally, agribusiness is a natural growth sector -and thanks to a world population that’s expected to grow by 60 million people a year over the next 20 years this is one area that I don’t expect to see diminishing demand for anytime soon.

So there you have it – ten industries that are booming. Interested in a career that’s related to any of these industries?

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