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10 ways to celebrate Australia Day

By Michael Crump | 22 January 2018

The 26th of January is Australia Day. This means different things to different people - some people have a BBQ every year, and some people choose not to celebrate the holiday. Either way, it’s a public holiday for everyone, so you should capitalise on that one way or another! This Australia Day we’ve got a few suggestions of a couple of ways to make the most of the day off work.

meat pie with Australian flag

Go to an Indigenous cultural centre, or visit a gallery that has an Indigenous art collection.

The history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples stretches back millenniums. Indigenous Australians have one of the richest and most diverse cultures in the world, including hundreds of languages and art practices. This Australia Day pay your respects to the traditional custodians of the land we’re so lucky to live on by learning something new about their very important history.

Go on a bushwalk

Use the day to appreciate the beautiful clean air and countryside we’re surrounded by! Pack a picnic, plenty of water, some sunscreen and a hat. You could go up a mountain, or down to a river. Check out how blue our skies are!

two men hiking in bushwalk

Donate to a charity

We’re all very lucky to live in a country with clean air, wide open spaces, health care and many other privileges. This Australia Day consider donating some money to a local charity, to help out those Australians less fortunate than yourself. Have a look online and find a local domestic violence crisis centre, a homeless shelter, a wildlife rescue organisation, a mentoring programme, a legal aid service or a charity for refugees. There are many disability organisations and hospital charities doing great work that need ongoing support as well.

Write a letter to a politician

We live in a democracy, so make your voice heard! Choose an issue that you feel strongly about and write a letter to your local member, or even the Prime Minister, to register your concern. You’ll almost certainly get a response, and your opinion will be noted. Speaking up is the only way to contribute your voice to the chorus, and every opinion is an important one.

Australian Parliament House 

Think about your ambitions

It’s the beginning of a new year, and there’s no better time to reassess your own plans.  If you’ve been aiming for a promotion, reflect on what steps you need to take in order to be considered - do you need to improve a few skills, or chat to your manager to see what feedback they have for you? Think about your future, maybe there’s a course you’ve been considering or maybe you’re keen to browse your options.

Cook for your loved ones

You could go for the classic pavlova, or try something you’ve never made before. Consider picking a recipe with an ingredient you’ve never cooked with before and expand your repertoire.

friends having a BBQ

Go to the pool or beach

There’s basically no better way to spend the day. Hot chips, sunshine, fresh air. If you don’t like swimming, buy a disposable camera and go on a walk shooting the roll of film, or get a group of friends together and pick up rubbish you find along the way.

Share stories

If you’re lucky enough to still have your grandparents around, use Australia Day as an opportunity to talk to them about the Australia they grew up in. If they didn’t grow up in Australia, ask them how the place they were born was similar or different to Australia. They’ve lived a long life, and you might not know as much about their history as you thought.

man and woman sharing stories over cup of coffee

Watch or read something Australian

Buy a ticket to see an Australian movie, watch one on the couch, or read a book by an Australian author. We have amazing creatives in Australia, and it’s a good day to celebrate them.

Go camping to escape the city lights

Once you’re out of town, Australia has an incredible view of the night sky. Not only do we need to travel pretty short distances to get away from light pollution, Australians can see 100 times more stars than they can in the Northern Hemisphere. Check out this list of the best places to go stargazing in your home state.

group of friends stargazing

Plan to achieve your career goals

Maybe you can take the long weekend to plan your next career move. Upskilled offers nearly 100 courses available to study online, in a flexible format. Have a look at our Industry Insights page if you would like to explore a certain career path in more depth, and keep up with the latest industry trends.

We want to hear from you! What do you have planned for the holiday? Tell us in the comments below.

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