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5 of the best jobs for tech heads

By Fi Darby | 01 May 2018

Whether you are taking your first steps of independence into the world of employment or considering rerouting down another career path, it can be difficult to decide which would be the right career for you. Do you and chase the money or do you choose a career that will play to your strengths and give your much-loved hobbies an additional outlet? One thing is for sure; a career is no longer something you should fall into. These days you should seriously consider your skills, traits and interests when deciding which career routes to pursue. We look at some of the traits of tech-heads and five of the top tech-head careers.

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5 signs and traits of tech-heads

We all love a bit of technology but, if you are a tech-head, this love goes deeper; understanding, changing and creating technology is what makes you happy. Few people understand just how creative working with technology can be, but you do. Technology is your world to influence how you wish and most of your hobbies have some element of technology in them. In short, technology represents the right career for you. If you are a technical person, it makes sense to choose a career that plays to your strengths. There are lots of opportunities out there but before you decide on the right career for you, have a look at our 5 top signs and traits of tech-heads below. 

  1. Technological advances really get you excited. When the latest software or gadget comes out, you are the first one to try it.
  2. You like to give detailed reviews and make sure you understand enough about your subject to win any technological arguments.
  3. You can find an app to do anything, and if you can’t you will create one.
  4. You form strong loyalties to technical brands, gadgets or styles of software.
  5. Your friends tend to share your interests and you value time spent discussing your technical passions.

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5 career advantages to being a tech-head

The traditional image of technological ‘geek’ is an unhelpful one but luckily not one that many bosses buy into. Employers will go a long way to ensure that their organisation has at least one technical expert who will be able to solve their IT problems and create solid technical solutions. Before you start considering some of the different ICT careers that might play to your strengths, it would be helpful to note some of the additional advantages of being technically minded. You already know that you are great with IT but you might not have considered the additional employability skills below. 

  1. Technically minded people welcome change. This gives them a ‘can do’ attitude to, not only new technology, but also new circumstances and problems.
  2. Tech-heads are quite happy to admit that they don’t know everything but will probably have filled in the necessary gaps by the following day.
  3. Technically minded people love working as part of a hands on, creative community and sharing their expertise.
  4. People who love technology tend to have the ability to bring together lots of different elements to create effective solutions. They know how to take on projects that play to their strengths.
  5. Tech-heads have a great work ethic, they aren’t happy until a job is done, so they carry on until it is.

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5 of the best tech-head careers

These days there are technical elements to most jobs but, if you are looking for a career that is hands on, reflects your hobbies, really lets you lose yourself in IT and gives you the buzz of finding technical solutions, you need to consider further training in your preferred technological niche. For more detailed information on IT careers and ways to play to your strengths, take a look at our ‘Quick Career Guide to Information Technology Careers’. 

Tech-head careers in IT security

As an IT security specialist you will focus on protecting the technical hardware, software and data that make up an IT system. Specialisms within IT security include network troubleshooting, firewall administration and penetration testing. Database & systems administrators and ICT security job roles are currently showing ‘strong’ predicted employment growth.

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Tech-head careers in software and computer development

IT software developers or computer programmers improve the technical efficiency of organisations by designing, installing, testing and maintaining software systems. Software and applications programmers are currently showing ‘strong’ predicted job growth.

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Tech-head careers in business analysis

IT business and systems analysts have the technical knowledge and skills to understand IT system requirements then design and modify systems to meet business needs. If you feel that hands on business analysis might be the right career for you, you might be interested to learn that the future employment growth for ICT business and systems analysts is currently predicted as ‘moderate’.

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Tech-head careers in database administration

From social media to national security, the world as we know it runs on databases. Database administrators take a hands on approach and plan, monitor, assess and improve database performance. Database & systems administrators and ICT security job roles are currently showing ‘strong’ predicted job growth.

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Tech-head careers in IT project management

Project management skills can be brought into this role from other industries but you will also need some advanced technical IT system and software skills. IT project managers are responsible for planning, overseeing, testing and evaluating specific IT system related projects. The future job growth for ICT Managers is currently set as ‘very strong’.

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I am technically minded, what are my other options?

If the suggested hands on, technical careers and courses above don’t appeal to you, don’t despair. There are lots of other careers out there that will play to your strengths, allow you to make the most of your technological abilities and maximise on your hobbies. Our article on ‘Online Courses to Accelerate Your Career in 2018’ might give you some more ideas and help you to find the right career for you.

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