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7 reasons why you need to invest in your study materials

By Michael Crump | 09 May 2016

We don’t even have enough time to tell you how many things we would rather spend our money on than study materials. There is a list of things we need for work and list of things we need for the house, and then a reasonably long list of things that won’t serve any practical purpose but that we have decided we want: a new TV, a dinner at that new fine dining restaurant, an office pet.

Unfortunately, one side effect of being a grown up is that your better judgement kicks in so we end up buying the things we really need.

This is because we know they’re so important for effective study.You can’t get by without some good pens, books, a reliable laptop and a productive work-space. When we’ve got a neat and comfortable work area set up, with everything we need to work or study within arms reach we know we’ll work better. What’s more, the work is made easy.

Here are seven reasons why you should invest a bit of time and money into buying good quality and useful study materials:

What are some of your study essentials you must invest in?

1. Cutting Corners Doesn’t Pay Off

Some study tools are cheap and others are costly. Papers, pens, highlighters and notebooks are absolutely necessary for getting good work done. While it’s tempting to grab those items from the local $2 shop, it’s better to buy good quality materials every time you make an investment.

A bulk pack of 15 ballpoints for $3.50 seems like a bargain, but when most of them don’t work or get lost at the bottom of your bag it’s a waste of money. A cheap, flimsy notebook that gets squished against your packed lunch and loses pages every time you open it is a recipe for disaster. It may not seem like it, but the notes you take during classes are vitally important study tools. If you buy one good notebook to keep all your notes in, it will last and become a priceless asset.

2. Spending Now Will Save You Later

A laptop or new desk is a big investment. If the item with the lowest price will also service all of your needs and is of good quality then of course there’s no reason to spend more of your hard earned money, but it always pays to make sure you’re spending your cash on a product that will have longevity and meet all your needs.

During the semester, your laptop will become filled with vital documents, assignments, notes and papers that are essential to completing your course. If your technology fails you at crunch time, it can be the most stressful, expensive and difficult problem to solve.

It may be that the slightly more expensive alternative in the beginning is made with better materials, or performs functions that will make your study easier. If you look after these things, they’ll last you for years, saving you money down the track. Buying yourself study materials that are effortless and enjoyable to use will repay you in the long-run.

3. Improve the Quality of Your Work

Although at times they can seem like an unnecessary expense, sitting pretty low on the list of priorities we all unconsciously make, extra texts and recommended study materials are one of the most important aspects of any course of study.

Put simply, the information within those books contains most of the stuff you need to succeed in your course. They can be expensive, and they usually  weigh a tonne, but invest in buying your books (and, of course, put time into reading them!) The quality of your work will jump leaps and bounds.

4. Increase Your Efficiency

There are a few magical weeks at the beginning of your course, right before there are assignments due, and these are the days you can use to set yourself up for the coming months. If you invest some time into acquiring the tools for your work early, you’ll find your burden eased during the busier weeks.

Get everything organised at the beginning before you’re snowed under, and by the time it’s the peak of the assessment period you won’t be making emergency trips to Officeworks. You can also use this time to set your computer up with study tools. Research cloud applications that keep your notes and documents backed up and in one place for safe keeping.

5. Studying is Your Job

Although you might be doing paid work outside of your study, it’s important to think of your studies as your job. Even though there’s not an immediate financial incentive to study, there’s definitely a long-term financial advantage. Study is an investment in your future. Allow yourself to take study seriously. Treat it like your job, set your self up like a pro, and see the benefits reflected in your work.

6. A Good Study Space Improves Your Work

One of the major benefits of online and independent study is the ability to work from home.

However, research shows that attempting to study on the couch, or snuggled under your doona will decrease the quality of your work.

There are more than a million ways to procrastinate, and an easy way is driving between cafes, libraries and different rooms in your own home trying to find the perfect study spot. You can also fiddle around trying to find a good pen, or the right notebook. 

Invest a bit of time and money organising a permanent study spot for yourself. Choose a corner of your house, or your room. Get a chair you like to sit in, and a desk that’s comfortable to work at. Leave all your books and stationary in this spot, so they’re always within reach.

Once this is sorted, every time you go to study you can get stuck in straight away, without messing around getting organised.

7. There is No Better Investment Than in Education

Cliché, but true. Broadening your horizons, learning about new things, gaining new skills and insight into the world is the best gift you can give yourself. To get the most out of your study you need to invest in your study materials and workspace. Simple as that.

What’s been the best invest in your study that you’ve made?

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