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7 things all your friends need to know about your study

By Rosa Ritchie | 12 September 2016

If you’ve undertaken a course of study that the majority of your friends haven’t, chances are they’re going to have some questions about it. Like, why can’t you come to every party? And what does a Certificate IV give you? Or why are you studying at all? Sometimes juggling your schedule can be difficult, and your friends might not share the same passions as you. Below is some advice about how to break the news that what you’re studying is actually pretty cool, and more than that, it matters to you.

Below are 7 things all your friends need to know about your study:

1. You chose to do it

What you study, or if you study, when you finish school is your choice. Some people jump into full time work, some people go overseas, some pick up a course of study. Sure, your parents and friends will probably have opinions about what path might be best for you, but it’s up to you now. If you’ve chosen to undertake a Certificate or Diploma, this means you’re interested in learning something new and the opportunities it will afford you. Whatever you choose to study, it’s a decision you make with an eye on your own future. Sure, you might not know exactly what future it will lead you to, but we undertake study to broaden our minds and develop ourselves. This is your decision and it doesn’t need justification.

2. It’s something you’re really interested in

Every successful person got to where they are by following something they were interested in, until it became their passion or career. And busy, successful people will all be the first to say it’s actually very cool to be interested in something. Pursuing an interest is how every path unfolds itself, and studying can take you all sorts of places. When people are out and about, learning things, trying new experiences and engaging with the world it makes them fun to be around. Talk to your friends about what you’re learning, and why you enjoy it. If they’re studying something different, you can teach each other something, and share knowledge. It’s important to know that you’re allowed to be excited about study.

3. It’s a priority

It’s sad but true that sometimes, you’re going to have to say no to invitations to hang out. When you have assignments due, webinars to attend, family commitments on top of juggling work and exercise – you have a full plate. Staying on top of things means prioritising the different parts of your life, and sometimes you’re going to have to choose study instead of socialising, especially if you’re working towards a deadline. If you overload your schedule you can end up being so busy that hanging out isn’t even that much fun, because you know you haven’t left yourself time to do a good job of your assessment. Take care of yourself, and be realistic with your time management. That being said, study isn’t your only, priority. Your friends are important, too.

4. It doesn’t mean you don’t want to hang out

Even though, you’ve made a commitment to dedicate a large chunk of your week to hitting the books, of course that doesn’t mean you don’t want to see your friends. In fact, the best kind of study break is going to a friend’s house, or going out to dinner together. Getting your mind off your studies and having fun is essential to the balance of your life. All work and no play just means you’ll burn out. Make sure your friends know how much you value their company, and that you want to see them whenever you can, but that sometimes you’ve got to hit the books.

5. You’re proud of yourself

And you should be! Choosing to study isn’t easy. It requires time management skills, concentration, dedication and hard work. Learning something new always requires commitment and perseverance. And it means you’ve made a decision to invest in yourself. Own that decision. Don’t downplay your achievements, when you get a good grade it’s because you put in a lot of effort to something that was challenging. As much as they are here to help when you need a hand, your friends will be inspired to hear when your course is going well, so don’t be shy.

6. You’d love their support

Just like your family, your real friends always want what’s best for you. That should apply to your studies as well. Knowing that your friends are backing you all the way will help keep you motivated, and having their support during stressful periods will mean a lot to you. Encourage your friends to pursue their dreams, and to invest in their own future, and you’ll find the sentiment reciprocated. And if you need a hand, just ask for it. If a friend lends you their time to help you revise, or cooks you dinner when you’ve had a big day, let them know you’ll always do the same for them.

7. The hard work will pay off

There’s no need to rush through your study, because it can be a really enjoyable lifestyle. However, when you are finally finished, that’ll mean a change in your schedule as well as your lifestyle. Obtaining diplomas, certificates or bachelor degrees helps in a huge way to gain full-time employment, as well as a higher earning potential. On top of that, the benefits of sick leave, long service leave and regular working hours translate into a structured week, with more time to hang out with your friends. You’ll also have more money to take trips, go to restaurants and travel together. Sign me up!


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