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8 popular online courses and the jobs they can lead to

By Yvette McKenzie | 27 July 2017

Are you thinking of studying a course online? It's a great option for people that have busy lives; whether they have personal or professional commitments that take up lots of their time - or both.

You must know, or at least have some idea, where you’d like to end up before taking the first step in your career– selecting your course of study. To begin your search, it pays to know what's out there. The Australian job marketplace is robust and competitive - that means having an accredited qualification under your belt could set you apart from the competition. 

Online study can lead to jobs

If one of the 8 listed career sectors below sounds interesting, you can read more about the modules and subjects at Upskilled’s courses on offer page. Check it out for inspiration. Here are Skillstalk's top 8 picks for exciting careers. 

Upskilled's popular online courses and the jobs they can lead to

  1. Diploma of Leadership and Management (BSB51918).
  2. Diploma of Marketing and Communication (BSB52415).
  3. Diploma of Project Management (BSB51415).
  4. Diploma of Human Resources Management (BSB50618).
  5. Diploma of Community Services (CHC52015).
  6. Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care (CHC50113).
  7. Diploma of Information Technology (ICT50118).
  8. Diploma of Event Management (SIT50316).

1. Diploma of Leadership and Management (BSB51918) 

According to business guru Henry Mintzberg, author of the aptly titled Managing, one thing that has never changed throughout human history is management. Regardless of the latest trends that headline journals, being a great manager is all about working with people to accomplish an objective, often with a litany of constraints.

But the context for these objectives, however, like surrounding technology and worker attitudes, change all the time. Successful contemporary managers, therefore, will be those that can consider these changes while remaining efficient and effective.

If management sounds interesting to you or if you’re interested in complementing experience in another area, our Diploma of Leadership and Management (BSB51918) can provide you with a basis for understanding resource logistics, the importance of leadership, and worker psychology.

The career prospects are almost limitless with most industries valuing an understanding of good management. Below are some examples of general jobs that would value this diploma.

Possible careers:

  • Management and Organisation Analyst
  • Coordinator
  • Leading Hand
  • Supervisor
  • Team Leader

If you like solving challenging problems at work, consider this online course as an option.

2. Diploma of Marketing and Communication (BSB52415).

If you’re interested in connecting products and services with customers then consider a Diploma of Marketing and Communication. Key to the discipline of marketing is the identification or creation of the right market at the right time for the product or service you’re selling, and making sure customers know your product is out there.

It's a broad, creative area, which is becoming more and more specialised. This means opportunities abound. Areas of employment covered include customer analytics, advertising, product feedback, pricing, SEO and public relations. The good news is the advertising and marketing industry is forecast to grow over the next few years. While there are jobs in many parts of Australia, New South Wales has a large share of Advertising and Marketing Professionals. They work in many industries. Some of the main industries are: Professional, Scientific and Technical Services; Manufacturing; and Retail Trade. 

Possible careers:

  • Marketing manager
  • Marketing team leader
  • Product manager
  • Public relations manager

Going into marketing? Be prepared for a fast-paced and exciting career, with lots of opportunities for creativity.

3. Diploma of Project Management (BSB51415).

It's important to note that project managers for significant undertakings are expected to have substantial experience in whatever field the project belongs to, such as construction or finance, as well as in past project related work.The Diploma of Project Management (BSB51415) is particularly useful if you have experience in another discipline and want to study a framework for managing large projects.

Nevertheless, this diploma provides a fantastic overview of the steps and processes commonly seen in most projects, regardless of sector, and is a great first step towards managing huge undertakings with substantial capital invlved.

Possible careers:

  • Project manager (generic)
  • Project manager (industry specific)
  • Project leader
  • Project team leader
  • Project contract manager
  • Project vendor manager

Big projects mean big money is at stake. Learn how to manage projects using the latest tools and strategies

4. Diploma of Human Resources Management (BSB50618).

Upskilled’s  Diploma of Human Resources Management (BSB50615) is another course intended for those who already possess significant experience in the human resources industry, or those who’ve already completed an AQF4 level qualification in HR or a similar field.

Human resources is a dynamic discipline devoted to managing the most critical of all a company’s resources – it’s people. It goes well beyond hiring and firing to consider worker efficiencies and organisational structure as well as industrial relation considerations and legislation, workplace health and safety policies, employee grievances, payroll, and workplace culture.

Typically, only medium to larger organisations have the scale to engage in human resource management, meaning almost all available job prospects will be corporate in nature.

Possible careers:

  • Human resources assistant
  • Human resources coordinator
  • Human resources administrator
  • Human resources officer
  • Payroll officer

5. Diploma of Community Services (CHC52015).

If helping others motivates you, consider the Diploma of Community Services (CHC52015). A career in this area involves assisting the needy in our local communities, predominantly the elderly, children, and the disabled. With Australia’s population continuing to age, the demand for workers to assist retirees is set to increase with the industry currently growing at five per cent each year.

The range of tasks involved varies, ranging from contributing to OHS processes, monitoring case management for clients, counselling duties, referral responsibilities, and even advocacy services. Whatever issues the community may face, you’ll develop an understanding of how to provide assistance.

Possible careers:

  • Assessor
  • Case coordinator
  • Case worker or manager
  • Client service assessor
  • Community services worker
  • Community worker
  • Coordinator
  • Coordinator family services
  • Early intervention worker
  • Family support worker
  • Group facilitator / coordinator
  • Counsellor
  • Mental Health Worker
  • Program coordinator or manager
  • Senior youth officer / chaplain
  • Social welfare worker
  • Support facilitator
  • Welfare worker

Working in Community Services is great as there are jobs all over Australia and it’s a growth sector that provides personal fulfillment for many.

6. Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care (CHC50113).

Somewhere along the line a picket fence and a few ankle biters became expensive. It’s why, with mums heading back to work to wear down gargantuan home loans, the demand for day care has exploded.

If you’re interested in a career as a day care worker and childhood educator then consider Upskilled’s Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care (CHC50113). Tertiary studies in this area have become particularly salient as from January last year at least half of all educators working with children from birth to preschool age in a centre-based environment have needed to either hold, or be working towards completing, a diploma level qualification. Additionally, if you want to teach children from birth to 13 years of age as a family day care coordinator a diploma is mandatory.

What’s particularly attractive about this course is that there are no prerequisites or experience required, though a completed School Certificate is preferred.

Possible careers:

  • Childhood Education Manager
  • Nominated Supervisor
  • Centre manager (children's services)
  • Children’s service director/manager
  • Children’s services coordinator
  • Director (children’s services)
  • Group/team coordinator/leader (children’s services)
  • Program leader (children’s services)
  • Educational Support Leader or Educational Support Officer

With carers now requiring a particular level of education this sector is growing in professionality and has achieved some wage growth over the last 5 years.

7. Diploma of Information Technology (ICT50118).

Information Technology, or IT, has become so ubiquitous that almost every business has need of an IT worker or department to keep them operational.

Upskilled’s Diploma of Information Technology (ICT50118) is a great way to understand a wide range of technologies, including networking, IT support, database development, and programming and web development for those looking to get creative.

The range of job opportunities is, understandably, vast with many roles across many sub-sectors of IT available for eager graduates keen to develop their abilities on the job. There’s also plenty of scope for developing your skills further, gaining some experience, and contracting out to companies or starting your own business. Make a quaint living or a billion bucks with this one – it’s up to you.

Possible careers:

  • Information Systems Office Manager
  • Office Systems Administrator
  • IT Office Manager
  • IT Systems Administrator
  • Systems Manager

There are dozens of areas you can specialise in this portfolio area. Check out the IT course landing page for more detail into what you can study.

8. Diploma of Event Management (SIT50316).

Events are big business, costing thousands to put on, and covering a gamut of types from commercial music events, festivals and conferences, to internal corporate events for staff or high net-worth clients, to large government spectacles for the public. Those laser lights and fancy projections on the Opera House don’t get there on their own.

With any industry deemed to be ‘glamorous’ or exciting it can be tough to get a start, but Upskilled’s Diploma of Event Management (SIT50316) covers a broad base of knowledge including budgeting, management and marketing, to ensure you’re ready when that opportunity pops up. You’ll also get exposure with events software and receive practical events experience as part of the course.

Possible careers:

  • Event Administrator
  • Conference Coordinator
  • Event Coordinator
  • Event Planner
  • Event Sales Coordinator
  • Exhibitions Coordinator
  • Meetings Coordinator
  • Venue Coordinator
  • Tourist Information Officer

Know yourself (and your course)

Knowing what you want to do isn’t just half the battle, it’s the majority of the war. Once you’ve worked out what sort of job you want and would be best suited for, the rest is easy. Beginning with the end in mind can make the journey that much more enjoyable.

If the above list has provided you with some ideas on what you might want to do, get in touch and we’ll provide more information on course content. Upskilled also recommends doing some legwork and seeking out other people who currently do the job you have in mind. Check out Skillstalk's post on networking via LinkedIn for additional information. 

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