VET FEE-HELP Courses Now Available


For students who want to begin study without the up-front financial burden, Upskilled now offers a range of VET FEE-HELP approved qualifications including business, IT courses & Community Services Courses.

Upskilled announces the launch of VET FEE-HELP approved courses in partnership with TrainSmart and Kirana, nationally recognised training organissations and providers of approved VET FEE-HELP courses.  With options including business, IT and Community Services courses, students may now continue their education or start on a new path without the up-front financial burden.

Upskilled Marketing Manager, Michael Crump explains that, "VET FEE-HELP is an Australian Government loan scheme that helps eligible students to defer paying fees for higher-level VET courses (at the diploma-level and above) undertaken at approved VET FEE-HELP providers.  FEE-HELP loans are repaid through the Australian Taxation Office once your income reaches the minimum threshold for compulsory repayment."

With recent reductions in government funding, more and more students are turning to the government loan initiative to pay for their schooling while deferring their payments until later.  This "study now, pay later" option helps students receive their education without worrying about the expense until they reach the income requirements that allow them to pay their school loan back more comfortably.

Courses available include:

Options are available through Upskilled's auspicing agreement with approved provider, TrainSmart in addition to our Community Services Diplomas via our partnership with Kirana.  In order to be eligible for VET FEE-HELP, students must be Australian citizens or a permanent humanitarian visa holder, as well as a full-fee paying student at an approved VET FEE-HELP provider.

Like all Upskilled students, the new VET FEE-HELP courses provide flexible study options, a customised online learning environment, and a leading student rewards program.  Students who are not sure if they are eligible for VET FEE-HELP or need assistance with funding for school are encouraged to contact Upskilled's experienced team of professionals or click here for more information.

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