Unique Student Identifier - Coming Soon!


USI – Unique Student Identifier – Coming Soon!

At the moment there is no way to track all of an individual’s achievements or enrolments in Vocational Education & Training (VET).  In April 2012 the Council of Australian Governments (GOAG) agreed to design a tool to collect and track VET achievements and participation, the USI.  Under this new initiative a full transcript of VET training participation undertaken after the commencement date will be available to students.

The commencement of the USI program is set for 1st January 2015.  From this date all current and new students participating in VET courses will require a USI before any statement of attainment or certificate can be issued.

The USI team has developed strict guidelines regarding the privacy and protection of student information.  Rest assured that your information is protected through legislation, if you would like know more, click here.

The USI team have put together a short video, <2 mins, that explains how the USI works and how to apply, click here.

Upskilled is preparing for the USI with its technology partners and will be ready to assist its students  for the implementation.

Stay tuned to the Upskilled website.

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