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Australian careers survey 2016: Results and draw winner

By Michael Crump | 06 September 2018

The Annual Australian Career Survey helps shape the nations online educations needs, ensuring that Australia stays ahead of other nations in skilled workers across all industries. 

After receiving nearly 3500 responses in our annual Australian Careers Survey, we're able to paint a better picture of Australians and their attitudes about their careers and the positions they find themselves in at different stages in the career life cycle. The survey gained comprehensive insight into the careers of those who responded. The survey revealed some surprising insights, with the overall position on peoples careers in Australia being a fairly positive one.  

Some of the key takeaways were: 

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  • Of nearly 3500 respondents, 2386 (or 69%) have considered further study. Of these, people who were employed full time or unemployed were the most likely to have considered further study 
  • The main reason people are likely to undertake further study is to better their career prospects 
  • Overall, most people strongly believed they deserved a pay rise (44%). While 67% agreed to some degree they deserved a pay rise
  • Of the respondents, those who worked in Arts and Recreation services, Management and Education were the most satisfied with their job and career
  • Of the respondents, Self-Employed people were the most satisfied (with 92% agreeing they enjoyed their job). While full-time employees were more likely to be satisfied with their jobs compared to part-time and casual employees.

Together with the other parties involved in the Annual Australian Career Survey we gave one lucky Australian the chance to win $100,000 to transform their lives. We can announce today that the draw went to Jodi Malane of Brisbane. 

What did the report reveal?

A very deserving winner, Jodi Malane left school during her final two years due to ill health. Despite this, Jodi has gone on to work successfully and volunteer in the following fields:

  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Administration
  • Retail 
  • Public Relations
  • Real Estate
  • Tutoring for Youth at risk

During her career, Jodi has undertaken extensive further education and has achieved:

  • Certificate IV Frontline Management
  • Certificate IV Training & Assessment
  • Certificate IV Real Estate Salesperson

Just to name a few!

Jodi has also spent time working for the Australian Red Cross and was presented with the National Services Medal by the Governor General for her services in disaster response.

Jodi said that having worked in a number of different roles she has seen the opportunities that career development through education can create not just for the benefit of the individual but the employer and even further to having a positive effect of the community as a whole. Being able to easily access education through the likes of online courses is simply a bonus, breaking down barriers to the future, opening doors for staff and volunteers and more.

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Stay tuned for a full incoming report on the state of Australians' careers in the coming weeks as we analyse all the data gleamed from the survey and remember to fill out the survey again next year! 

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