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Online courses to accelerate your career in 2018

By Fi Darby

For those with a keen eye on the job market, there was good news when the November 2017 monthly indicator showed a growth in employment for the second consecutive month. This positive trend is reflected in the latest SEEK employment data, which shows that job opportunities in October 2017 were up 16.1% in October 2016. For those looking to include a new job in their New Year’s resolutions, the picture is looking good. And for those wise enough to include online education in their list of ‘get that job’ activities, the picture is even better with the ever-increasing numbers of online students leading to exciting innovations in delivery of online courses such as IT courses, online management courses, online business courses and project management courses.

This year’s top online courses

If you are looking to find a new job or to further your job prospects in 2018, gaining an online qualification must be one of your top priorities. Not only do online courses provide quality education and training in a flexible and affordable format, they also clearly demonstrate to prospective employers that you take your career and their business seriously. Top Australian industries for job opportunities in 2018 include:

• Trades and services

• Information technology

• Healthcare and medical

• Manufacturing

• Transport and logistics

• Mining, resources, and energy

• Advertising, arts, and media

• Real estate and property

This is a varied selection; especially if you are unsure of which specific job areas you would like to move into. However, all businesses, including the above sectors, require IT skills, qualified management, and business expertise. In other words, qualifications gained in any of these are likely to stand candidates in good stead when it comes to interview and skill demonstration. At Upskilled our online courses are constantly being redeveloped to reflect national requirements and job prospects. Our top online course suggestions for 2018 would fall into the following categories:

• Online IT courses

• Online business courses

• Online management courses

• Online project management courses

We have a wide range of courses available in all four of these areas, whether you are starting off your career journey with an online Certificate level qualification, or cementing your knowledge and expertise with a Bachelor Degree, we have the right online course for you, your career and your future. Our online advisors are always available to answer your questions but before you speak with them, we suggest you browse through our ‘Career Outcomes’ pages that include student testimonials, employer responses, industry insights and career and university pathways. You should also look at our sample below of the online courses that we think will accelerate your career in 2018.

 IT security specialist looking at security settings of IT system

Online IT courses in 2018

Information and communication technology has become the tool of choice for a huge array of business and industry activities. Marketing is a great example because all organisations depend on successful marketing strategies. A large percentage of industry and services marketing now takes place online and is reliant on digital media. Our Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology (ICT30118) is the perfect online IT course to tap into this requirement. This course won’t just help you to understand how digital media works, it will also enable you to support the IT activity of others, a skill that is highly sought after by today’s employers.

If you want to find out more about the career outcomes of online IT courses, simply select a course and click the ‘Career Outcomes’ drop down. For example, those studying for our Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology (ICT30118) will be advantaged when seeking employment in roles associated with:

• Help desk officer

• Help desk assistant

• ICT operations support

• ICT user support

• PC support

• Technical support

You might also find our ‘Career Spotlight’ videos helpful when choosing an online IT course. Check out this interview with John Havill who is the Director of IT Solutions Australia PTY. LTD.

Online business courses in 2018

Online business courses can prepare you for work in either employment or entrepreneurship. Whether you want to make your way up the career ladder within a large organisation, make an impression in a small business, or strike out with your own business idea, online business courses offer a wide range of qualifications and training and can prepare you for the kind of informed decision making you would need to make every day. At Upskilled we have online business courses at skill levels from a Certificate II in Business (BSB20115) to our Bachelor of Business. To help you to understand how the different levels of online business courses relate to career outcomes, we have listed a selection below:

• Certificate II in Business – customer service advisor, payroll officer, general clerk

• Diploma of Business – office manager, accounts supervisor, project assistant

• Bachelor of Business – business development manager, entrepreneur, marketing manager

By the time you have completed your online business course, you will have gained a set of skills that will be useful to any employer and should make your resume stand out from the others in the pile.

 colleagues writing on sticky notes

Online management courses in 2018

Managers allocate, oversee and review the work of other people in an organisation. A good manager can make the difference between the success of a project and its failure and employers are quick to recognise when job candidates have made the effort to seek out experience or training, for example through an online management course. The best managers are organised, have great people skills and can make informed and fair decisions, even under pressure. A lot of the skills you need to become a great manager come through experience, but an online management course can help you to start thinking about the basics, hone those existing skills or recognise where you need to update your management techniques.

As with all our courses, we have listed possible ‘Career Outcomes’ for each online management course. The selection below will help you to understand the level of course that is best suited to your current career expectations:

• Certificate IV in Leadership and Management (BSB42015) – supervisor, team leader, leading hand

• Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management (BSB61015) – area manager, department manager, regional manager

• Graduate Certificate in Leadership Diversity (BSB80315) – human resources director, managing director, human resources manager

An online management course is a great way to demonstrate to an employer that you are ready to take on more responsibility and prepared to put the time and effort in to ensure that you do so successfully.

Online project management courses in 2018

One related, but very specific branch of management is project management. Project managers take control of the planning, implementation, and outcome of a specific set of project objectives. They will be accountable for the success or failure of their set project, which could be short or longer term, depending on its scope.

Whilst project management requires a certain amount of specific industry knowledge and common sense, there is also a required set of learned skills that can be gained through an online project management course. At Upskilled we offer online project management courses at Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma levels and each of these have been carefully designed to ensure that important skills such as managing risk, providing leadership and engaging stakeholders have been covered. Check out our list of online project management courses below for more information on career outcomes:

• Certificate IV in Project Management Practice (BSB41515) – project assistant, communications liaison, project records officer

• Diploma of Project Management (BSB51415) – project manager, project leader, project team leader

• Advanced Diploma of Project Management (BSB61218) – senior project manager, program director, program coordinator

It is easy to see why they are all qualifications that represent the necessary skills and understanding for Australia’s top job growth industries. Online courses are an excellent way to plump up your resume and make yourself more attractive to either new employers or your existing one. With the flexible study options offered by online qualifications, it is easy to fit in online study with your existing work and home commitments. By taking advantage of our great range of online courses today, you could well be accelerating your progress along a new and exciting career path in 2018.

male student studying

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