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Forget the 'boring' stereotypes - A career in accounting can be exciting

By Fi Darby | 30 July 2018

If your idea of an accountant is a secluded old man, stuck all day in a lonely office and enjoying the company of his calculator far more than talking to other people, think again. Today’s exciting accounting careers both require and offer so much more. Across Australia, diverse and stimulating opportunities in accounting abound and increasingly young people are applying for accounting jobs. We look in more detail at Australia’s accounting industry and at exactly why accounting is fast becoming a sought after and competitive career. If you’re looking for a career that could take you into all kinds of fascinating industries or you recognise the importance of financial skills in both your professional and personal life, read on!


Why is the accounting industry such a good sector to get into?

Employment in Australia is on the rise, partly because people are adopting a more flexible attitude towards career changes. The accounting industry is flourishing because it’s one of the few industries that are essential across all business sectors. No organisation can prosper without careful control of its finances, in other words, those with exciting accounting careers hold the success of a business in their hands. The statistics are positive and the number of Australian accountants showed very strong’ growth over the 5 years to 2017. As well as being cutting-edge and exciting, accounting careers are rewarded with higher than average wages, with Australian full time accountants earning an average of $1400 a week during 2017.


young woman looking at excel spreadsheet

So what different accounting jobs are there?

Accounting jobs are as diverse as the industries in Australia but there are some accounting industry dynamic gems out there that you might not have previously considered, or even heard of. We give you our 5 most exciting accounting careers:

Mergers and Acquisitions Accountant

This accounting job really is at the cutting edge of business advancement. When organisations are considering take overs or mergers, it’s the minute details of financial analysis that really matter. Work towards this role if you want to have a say in the big decisions and know that your efforts really count.

Accounting Information Systems Auditors

Okay, so this one has both the words ‘accounting’ and ‘auditors’ in it – but titles can be deceptive, and this is actually an exciting accounting career that combines a keen interest in computer programming with detailed accounting knowledge. Work towards this role if you want to find yourself at the cutting edge of technological development and earning top whack wages.

Chief Financial Officer

CFOs are so important they have their own abbreviation! As vital to an organisation as the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) a CFO keeps a close eye on a company’s budgets, long-term finance and general economic stability. Work towards this role if you fancy a lot of authority and want people to know that what you say matters.


Imagine yourself as a detective, rooting out misdoings and uncovering financial plots. The role of auditor is one of the most exciting in the accounting industry. Auditors have to think like a fraudster would in order to identify potential trouble. Work towards this role if you have a strong sense of what is right and wrong and great people skills.

audit folder

Would I enjoy an exciting accounting career?

You’re unlikely to get bored with a career in accounting because there are so many different roles from which to choose. Once you have the basic, required qualifications, the financial world will be your oyster (hopefully with Champagne!) As well as stability and financial reward, accounting jobs offer a unique combination of opportunities. You should start accounting training now if,

  • You want a stable career that will allow you to move between sectors and up the career ladder
  • You value learning opportunities and personal growth
  • You want your expertise to be appreciated and your value recognised
  • You want to work with a diverse and interesting set of people


Who is currently working in the accounting industry in Australia?

The average age of an accountant in Australia is 38 years but almost a third 31.9% of Australian accountants are in the 25-34 age bracket. This is exciting news for the youthful, budding accountants of Australia because it shows that opportunities in accounting are now widely extending towards a younger age range. More and more young people are breaking into and reaping the rewards of exciting accounting careers. Most accountants (56.9%) have a qualification at Bachelor level or above but there are accounting jobs available for those who are currently completing their training, particularly at Diploma and Advanced Diploma level. The accounting industry is diverse but tends to suit those who enjoy getting their head into mathematical problems, have a keen interest in finance, are competent computer users and can organise, plan and prioritise work.


What do today’s accountants say about their jobs?

There is nothing like getting the news straight from the horses mouth so we have gathered together a few quotes from people working in the accounting industry today.

Matt Boundy – Senior Financial Accountant (Real Estate)

 ‘Accounting actually offers great diversity day to day.’

Jini Thornton – Experienced Accountant and CEO of EnVision

‘It (accounting) is the language of business.’

Paula Griffo – Experienced Accountant and VoIP Supply Chief Financial Officer

‘The work is always exciting and you are always learning new things.’

Starr Cochran – Experienced Tax Accountant and Financial Planner

‘Preparing taxes is like doing a puzzle.’

asian woman accountant with glasses calculating taxes

How do I take the first step on my exciting accounting career?

The variety of training opportunities in accounting reflects the diversity and interest of accounting jobs. Accountants train right through their working lives and most of them see this ongoing learning as a bonus of their exciting accounting careers.

We hope this glimpse into the world of exciting accounting careers and the accounting industry has whetted your appetite for more information. If you want to find out more about training opportunities in accounting or decide which course would best suit you, get in touch with our team today for expert and friendly advice.

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