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How to be a beauty therapist: studying the diploma of salon management

By Yvette McKenzie | 13 October 2017

Have you been considering a career in salon management? If you love trying out the latest skin care products and working with a variety of people; maybe you could help others look and feel their best while working in a growing sector that provides these types of personal care services.

If this sounds appealing, there’s a good chance a Diploma of Salon Management (SHB50216) is the right choice for you. Beyond your appreciation for the wellness and aesthetic benefits of beauty therapy, there are plenty of other reasons to choose a career in beauty. Here’s just a few good reasons why you should consider undertaking the Diploma.

Beauty salon employment is expected to grow

According to the Australian government's Job Outlook site: Beauty Therapy is a large occupation employing 28,100 workers. Over the past 5 years the number of jobs has grown strongly. Very strong growth is expected in the future. New jobs and turnover from workers leaving may create between 10,001 and 25,000 job openings over the 5 years to 2020.

There are salon jobs all over Australia

As well as this, the workforce is fairly young. The average age is 32 years (compared to the all jobs' average of 40 years). Around 2 in 10 workers are very young (aged 15 to 25 years). Beauty Therapists work in most parts of Australia, meaning that you could find a job in every state or territory, and even in most regional areas. Many practitioners work for themselves.

This is important for two reasons. Not only will this availability help you find work wherever you live, it’ll also ensure you aren’t out of a job if you have to move in the future. Whether you need to relocate for family reasons, for your partner’s job or for any other purpose, it’s likely that you’ll be able to find work as a beauty therapist in your new home.

Beauty therapists report high satisfaction with their work

“The client consultation period is crucial to your ultimate success as a therapist,” explains The French Beauty Academy’s Kimberley Korevaar. “People love to be listened to and love to be heard so ask as many questions as you can and discover what their needs are before beginning any sort of treatment on the client.”

Job prospects and availability are good, but let’s face it - there are other reasons to take a job than just because of the numbers alone. “You can be a truly amazing therapist, but if you can’t build rapport with your client they are no as likely to return,” says Kimberly.

Workers who are employed as beauty therapists report being highly satisfied with their work. While there are a number of different reasons driving this trend, it is likely due to the fact that part of salon managers' objectives is to help others feel better while practising good service on a daily basis and working with products and activities they love. This would contribute significantly to employees’ satisfaction.

Job flexibility

Further data from Job Outlook suggests that beauty therapists have a good mix of working opportunities, with full-time jobs making up 50.5 per cent of the workforce, working in full-time positions. There are also many casual and part-time roles. 

This is very good news as many beauty therapists appreciate the flexibility that the field’s part-time work and variable hours provides. In particular, those with children or parents to care for and those who are pursuing other hobbies or education outside of work find that the flexible nature of beauty therapy work allows them to balance the demands of work and personal interests or responsibilities.

The skills you need, and fast!

Another great perk to employment as a beauty therapist or salon manager is the relatively short amount of time required to complete a diploma. Unlike other professions - where years of intensive study or internships delay the time before paid employment can be sought, the Diploma of Salon Management (SHB50216) takes just under 12 months to complete and is an all-encompassing qualification that allows you to start your career on the right foot.

In particular, this makes the field a great choice for anybody who needs to establish earnings quickly, such as stay-at-home mums returning to the workforce or current professionals who are seeking a fast career change to something more meaningful. Add in the availability of beauty therapist positions mentioned earlier and you’ve got a formula for quick and easy employment.

Don’t waste your time on education and training that won’t lead to open positions. Looking for careers with such promising job prospects as beauty therapy is an important part of putting your education to work and an opportunity to make people’s day.

Want to begin your career in Salon Management?

Enrol in an online beauty therapy course through Upskilled and enjoy the flexibility of studying from home at your own pace. Our beauty management courses allow you to start whenever you’re ready – even today. We have a dedicated team of support staff standing by to assist with any queries, and we’re experts at helping you access government funding to make study more affordable.

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