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How to keep track of your online studies (so you don’t fall behind)

By Jana Angeles | 14 October 2019

While online studying is flexible and helps you earn a qualification around your working schedule, it’s important to understand that you need to be motivated, disciplined and committed to your studies. With the realm of technology and having access to the internet, it can be easy to put off your online studies. However, it may be a challenge to play catch ups with your current workload, should you get carried away with procrastination. 

Amongst the chaos of work, raising a family as well as trying to keep the house clean and in order, not having a study system in place can set yourself up for failure if you do not commit to your online studies. With a bit of time and planning, keeping track of your studies can be easy as long as you are motivated enough to stick to your word and avoid putting off the assessments that need your attention.

Keep in mind that having an online qualification can be beneficial when it comes to progressing your career or changing jobs since it’s flexible and self-paced to your needs.

If you’re new to the world of online learning, here are some valuable tips to take on board to help you keep track of your studies so you don’t fall behind.

4 tips to help you keep track of your online studies

  1. Set a regular time and commit to the schedule.
  2. Have a support network behind you.
  3. Understand that you may have to cancel plans.
  4. Know the end goal.

1. Set a regular time and commit to the schedule.

planning on diary

By knowing when you’re most productive can be beneficial when it comes to online studies. If you’re naturally a morning person and recognise you’re most productive during that part of the day, stick to that schedule. Understanding your most productive points during the day can help you be motivated to continue your studies. Plus, it puts you in a routine, making it easier for you to commit and not do anything outside of your schedule. 

There may be times where you’re tempted to stray from the path and do something else in your scheduled study time, so with that saying, having discipline and motivation helps.

For example, Annie Rose was a past student of Upskilled and studied the BSB40515 & BSB42015 - Dual Certificate IV in Business Administration and Leadership and Management, working full-time as a Systems Administrator, and also had a second job as a basketball referee for a team of children ages 10-15 years. 

She said that changing up her routine slightly allowed her to fit in time to study despite her busy lifestyle. 

Rose explains, “I made small changes to my routine to allow me plenty of time to study while not eating into too much personal time. I would watch the online seminars while on the bus in the morning and afternoons, and instead of watching an hour of television at night, I would complete my studies.”

Having this schedule meant that she would have more time to focus on her second job and allowed her to spend time with her friends. Like Annie Rose, it’s possible to manage your studies while working; you just need to know how to better manage your own schedule and see what works for you in the long-term. 

2. Have a support network behind you.

Getting motivated to do your studies is the hardest part, and sometimes, having a good group of people you can share your daily struggles with can help a lot. 

Furthermore, it can help you be in a better headspace and gain more clarity if you do find yourself stressed about your assessments. By talking with your partner, friends or family, they can shed some encouragement to you when you are facing some tough obstacles throughout your course.

Did you know that Upskilled has Facebook groups you can join and connect with other people doing the same course as you? In here, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and share feedback when you are attempting your assessments, which is a great way for you to keep motivated, especially if you are wanting to accelerate your course and finish earlier.

3. Understand that you may have to cancel plans.

saying no concept

Studying can take up a lot of your personal time and this may mean that you have to sacrifice some meet ups with your friends in order to stay on track with your course. Saying ‘no’ to plans can be something you don’t want to do, however, in the midst of work and your other personal commitments, you may need to take a raincheck with people so you can attend to your studies. 

While it is less than ideal to do this, you have to remember that by sacrificing some of your social life for a couple of hours of productive study can help ensure that you do not fall behind from your course and be closer to the finish line. 

4. Know the end goal.

Before you attempt to procrastinate and push back the next assessment you have to do for your course, ask yourself the following questions:
  • How will this course help me achieve my career goals?
  • What can I look forward to after I finish this course?
  • How will this help my professional development at work?
It’s important to ask the questions above so you allow yourself to give you time to reflect and understand the purpose of your studies. If you do desire that promotion from work, or you are wanting to change career paths, you need to understand that obtaining a qualification can help you accomplish these goals by changing your perception of seeing studies as less of a chore and more of an opportunity to get ahead with your career. 

Online studying allows you to have the flexibility of choosing when to study at a time that suits you. It gives you more of a reason to push through your studies because it helps you understand your own schedule and what times you can sacrifice throughout the day to be closer to course completion.

How can Upskilled keep me on track with my studies?

Upskilled has online courses in community services, information technology and business with the majority designed to be completed within 12 months. Here, you can develop sought-after skills for the desired industry you want to work in. 

By studying with Upskilled, you’ll be assigned a dedicated trainer who will answer any questions you may have on assessments. In addition, Student Support will be there should you run into issues as you progress with your studies. 

By having access to some of these perks Upskilled offers, this can help you work towards the end goal of your course much easier. Get in touch with an education consultant and study a course that can help you develop the skills you need to progress in your career today. 
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