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Love self care? Here are 9 reasons to get into beauty therapy

By Rosa Ritchie | 03 August 2018

Are you the friend everyone asks to do their hair or make-up before a night out? Or are you notorious in your family for giving the best massages? Perhaps you spend a significant portion of your downtime researching skincare, or watching beauty tutorials.

You can turn this hobby into a career faster than you know. Be it as a make-up artist, hairdresser, massage therapist or skin expert, working in beauty therapy can be an act of self care for yourself. And I’m not just talking about the free samples (although they are great), getting a qualification in beauty therapy is a seriously clever way of securing your employability and income.


Choose your own adventure

The beauty industry is dominated by small businesses, and provides a wonderful opportunity to work for yourself. If you intend on starting your own business, a good tip is to get some experience and a qualification, like our Diploma in Salon Management (SHB50216) first. If you’d prefer to work in an established salon, there’s ample opportunity to take that path, too, but you’ll need some training to be eligible.

woman hairdresser giving haircut to client


Get Qualified Quickly

Around half of the workers in the Beauty Therapy industry have a Diploma or an Advanced Diploma under their belt. Once you have a qualification, there are a lot of job opportunities out there, and getting qualified doesn’t have to take much time!

For instance, our Diploma of Salon Management is delivered 100% online in just 12 months. So if you’re stuck in an industry that leaves you wanting more, an escape route is at your fingertips.


Make Connections

An integral component of beauty therapy is the relationships built with clients. Many clients visit the same beauty therapist for years, and over this time lasting friendships and connections form. This human connection makes the job so much more enriching, engaging and exciting.

Work Anywhere

This is truly a nationwide industry. Beauty therapists work all over Australia – with most found in New South Wales (38.6%), Victoria (21.8%), and Queensland (19.1%) – so wherever you go you’ll have the safety of knowing job opportunities will be present.


Chase Opportunities

The beauty therapy industry has exhibited strong growth over the past five years and is set to continue growing strongly for the next five! There are expected to be 29,000 job openings in this time, from workers leaving and new jobs being created. Which means beauty therapists will enjoy heaps of new and exciting opportunities within the field.


Be Creative

There aren’t so many jobs out there that allow you to indulge your artistic self, but beauty therapy is one of them. If you love art or are a creative person, jobs in hairdressing and makeup artistry enable you to play with colour, shape and form all day long.

client receiving professional makeup services



Find Freedom

The health and beauty industry offers great flexibility, making it highly appealing to young people, mothers returning to work and individuals who are no longer interested in full-time work. Less than half of the workforce, 44.7% of beauty therapists work full-time.


Do More

While you may have discovered your passion for massage, hairdressing, make-up or skincare practicing your skills on yourself, a career in beauty therapy goes above and beyond the satisfaction you get from a self-care session. Beauty therapy is a line of work which enables you to make people look and feel great about themselves. For most clients, their appointment is an hour out of a hectic day where they can truly relax and turn inward. Caring for others is so rewarding, many of your clients will deeply appreciate the care and attention you provide them.


Work Perks

Alright, I had to include this one. A huge perk of the job is the access to specialty products and equipment you’ll have, taking your own self care to the next level. It’s common practice for beauty practitioners to test out new products or treatments themselves before recommending them to clients.


makeup flatlay

If this list sounds pretty appealing to you, check out our  Diploma of Salon Management. This qualification will set you apart from the crowd, enabling you to run your own salon or accept leadership responsibility within any clinic. It’s a purpose-developed course, which means it has a singular focus of preparing students for a professional life as a manager or owner of beauty and hairdressing salons and similar environments.

Upon completion you’ll have the skills and knowledge required to build and manage a successful business, create and establish a personal services culture, lead and develop a team, devise and implement effective marketing activities, and ensure compliance with all relevant work health and safety protocols. Even if you don’t intend on starting your own business, every other salon will want you in their team.

Now is the perfect moment to pursue a career in beauty therapy. It’s quick to get qualified,there’s endless opportunity out there and it’s super flexible. So – what are you waiting for?

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