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From veganism to low-tech: 2019’s most profitable business ideas

By Fi Darby | 17 December 2018

Are you looking for profitable business ideas to launch in 2019? We all dream of it from time, the opportunity to say goodbye to existing management restrictions, become our own boss and finally see our entrepreneurial dreams fulfilled.

With the number of actively trading Australian businesses on the up, the global economy continuing to gain influence and online marketing increasing the opportunities for successful home business ideas, 2019 could finally be the year in which you accomplish those start-up business goals. We take a look at 4 profitable business ideas for 2019 and give some advice on how to start turning those ideas into successful realities.

Most profitable business ideas for 2019

  1. Social Media Marketing.
  2. Hospitality Management.
  3. Early Childhood Education.
  4. Leadership Diversity Training.

1. Social Media Marketing.

(Facebook has 2.27 billion monthly active users)

From veganism to low-tech: 2019’s most profitable business ideas

If you are really invested in social media and know how to get a message across, you might find it difficult to understand that there are still a lot of business owners out there who are losing out on opportunities, either because they don’t have these skills or because they don’t have the time to make the most of them.

The message that online marketing is vital has been received and budgets have been set, which means that any start-up business with a focus on boosting leads and sales through social media marketing will be looking at an eager prospective customer base. There are some steps you can take to make this 2019 business idea profitable.
  • Do some social media research and find out what existing social media marketing businesses are offering in your area
  • Get some practical experience of using social media advertising, working with influencers and reaching tricky markets
  • Bring your existing social media skills up to business capability level with a social media online course

2. Hospitality Management.

(11.2% growth in employment expected to 2022)

Accommodation and Food Services is one of Australia’s top growth industries and the big trends we saw during 2018 are set to develop. These include,


Veganism is fast becoming a menu expectation across Australia, giving opportunity to small businesses that specialise in vegan food products or deliver bespoke vegan advice.

Micro Food Precincts

Pop up food outlets such as food trucks or shipping containers are gaining in popularity and offer great opportunity to neutralise high start-up costs, including rents.

Vacation Rental Management

The numbers of homeowners who want to make some return on their properties by renting them to the tourism sector is growing. Opportunities abound for those who are willing to take on the work involved in advertising, welcoming guests or maintaining accommodation standards.

Hospitality in Australia has many aspects, each of which offers opportunity for entrepreneurs with great business ideas and a dose of commitment. There are some steps you can take to make your new hospitality business profitable.
  • Get the business side right through an online hospitality management course. Global marketing, business accounting and leadership all contribute to entrepreneurial success.
  • Do formal as well as informal research. Talking to your target market and undertaking social media poles are a good starting point but you also need to understand key market statistics.
  • Keep an eye on regional developments in tourism. Australia can offer the traveller everything from beach luxury to outback wilderness experiences; make sure you understand your niche well.

3. Early Childhood Education.

(339,243 Australian children were enrolled  in 2017)

Across Australia, employment in Education and Training is predicted 12.0% growth to 2022 ). This sector should be of particular interest to entrepreneurs interested in their own 2019 start-up. Rather than taking the huge step to opening a private nursery, crèche or pre school, why not look at the current trends towards exclusive, skill-specific classes or groups?

Early music schools

It’s never too early to develop an appreciation for music, rhythm and basic dance. This one would be great for parents who know they want their youngsters to progress to formal instrument lessons.

Basic technology clubs

Young children have a natural curiosity about the technology that surrounds them and love to learn about simple systems such as on-off switches, walkie-talkies and remote controlled vehicles.

Forest or bush schools

Outdoor learning is already strong in Australia but the Forest School movement  is seeing an increase in interest from parents keen to bring their youngsters into touch with the natural world and has engendered discussions amongst educators across Australia.

The great thing about gaining expertise in specific early childhood education skills is that they can work for you as a stand-alone business or as a service offered to existing care providers. We recommend taking the following steps if you are considering any aspect of early childhood education entrepreneurship.
  • Get some experience working with young children in a formal setting, for example a private nursery
  • Talk to existing educators and parents about what type of activities they would like to have future access to
  • Gain understanding of some of the basic aspects of child development, health and safety and behaviour management through an online early childhood education course .

4. Leadership Diversity Training.

(only 3% of Australia’s chief executives are non-European or indigenous)

Leadership diversity has firmly taken its place in the leadership trends lists and savvy executives are looking around for training providers with a deep understanding of this specific but vital leadership attribute. As well as visible diversity such as age, race and gender, being a missing factor in senior management teams, organisations are now recognising the lack of diversity when it comes to perspective, thought and personality.

With analytics showing a clear link between diversity and profitable growth, and organisations realising that in-house mentoring and leadership training doesn’t necessarily work, there is a clear market for those who can provide leadership diversity training. With such a niche market, it is important to establish yourself as an expert.
  • Create a portfolio to showcase relevant experience and future offerings
  • Get the edge on the competition by gaining a qualification in leadership diversity
  • Offer your services at an initially discounted rate to get your foot in the door

Keen to kickstart your profitable business ideas in 2019?

Well, you can! The ideas above are only a few samples of the possible profitable business ideas for 2019. Inside every budding entrepreneur there are a whole host of exciting ideas just waiting to get out there. It is worth remembering however that, although dreams are important for entrepreneurial success, there are vital practical elements that any new business owner also needs to consider.

Before you start, why not get ahead of the dreamers and use online training to help you understand work health and safety issues , or learn how to be your own PA with a short course in how to deal with business meetings and travel?  With hard work, excellent training and a touch of good luck, your new business might just find its way into the successful start-up statistics for 2019. We look forward to hearing all about you!
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