Proposals for a Vet Industry Rating System

By Michael Crump | 07 August 2012

With over 5,000 Registered Training Organisations in operation nationally, there have been calls for stronger action to regulate the scheme and enforce a rating system.

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has lead the charge by pushing for an industry owned and let star rating system for Vocational and Education Training providers, supported by a national review of standards and quality. This would result in more credible and vital information about the performance of providers for industries and students, when they come to select a RTO.

Chief executive of the Australian Skills Authority, Chris Robinson has revealed that six RTOs had their registration cancelled during the regulator’s first year in operation. With problems identified by the industry and students, regulators are now embarking on  a program to run strategic audits, highlighting shortfalls and advising on the best measures to undertake to rectify the issues.

With the government set to launch the My Skills website later this year to provide consumers with more detailed course information, the review has come at a time in which VET providers have come under heavy criticism for course quality. Once launched, My Skills will give information on approximately 5000 registered providers and courses on offer in the VET system.

There has been some opposition to the rating system however, particularly in how cost effective it would be and whether it would recognise excellence in a training provider in a consistent fashion. Details of the factors assessed and the size of a training provider will also be taken into consideration before a final decision is made.

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