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5 reasons to share and accept digital credentials

By Jana Angeles

Ever wondered why it's important to share your digital credentials online? If you're looking for ways to improve your LinkedIn profile or showcase your expertise and skills to potential employers, it's worth considering the benefits that come with sharing and accepting digital credentials.

From boosting your professional network to building your personal brand, we outline five great reasons why it's encouraged to share your digital credentials to your online network. 

How do digital credentials work?

Digital credentials are similar to the paper certificates you receive for a specific learning achievement. By learning a new skill or completing a particular course, digital credentials are excellent in showcasing your commitment to learning in general. 

It can also provide value and recognition of your skills and expertise towards your professional network, which may help expand your career opportunities and establish meaningful connections with other people in your industry.

Why should you share and accept digital credentials?

1. A chance to highlight your professional achievement online.

Digital credentials offer you the ability to share your achievement online, which can help start a conversation with other people in your professional network. It also helps them recognise your knowledge in a particular skill or learning outcome. Gone are the days where you have to wait for a paper certificate - digital credentials are readily available online and can be shared on your LinkedIn profile instantly. 

2. To showcase your expertise and skills.

By sharing your digital credentials to your network, you provide them with a platform where your expertise and skills are visible. Networking has become so vital when looking for new opportunities at work, especially those finding their way into the workforce.

Digital credentials may encourage people to reach out to you if they need in-depth guidance and support to secure opportunities in the industry you work in. This allows opportunities where you can build meaningful professional relationships, and have the chance to provide mentorship to young people, too. 

3. An opportunity to improve your personal brand.

personal branding concept

How many great stories have you read on LinkedIn? Do you feel happy when people share their achievements? You can share your story alongside your digital credentials, which may help improve your personal brand online. 

Some may not see the value of personal branding but it can actually go a long way, particularly if you aspire to become a person of influence in your industry. If someone notices your digital credentials, they'll be thoroughly impressed that you have the skills and knowledge in a specific area. 

This will be beneficial, particularly if you're highly skilled in an area where there is a skills shortage (e.g cyber security). LinkedIn is a storytelling platform - don't be afraid to share your digital credentials to your professional network and tell them how proud you are of your recent achievements. 

4. You can connect with others and share your learning experience.

As mentioned before, networking online has become the norm these days due to the pandemic. Sharing your digital credentials can provide the opportunity to share your learning experience with others. 

If you study online with a course provider like Upskilled, you can outline your experience to the network and people can come to you if they have any questions about your learning journey. It allows you to be transparent and share a new perspective to your followers, making for a rewarding experience. 

5. It shows your commitment to learning for potential employers. 

By having digital credentials highlighted on your LinkedIn profile, you give recruiters and hiring managers to reach out to you if you have the skill set and knowledge needed for a specific role. Showcasing your commitment to learning is a big plus and sharing your digital credentials may help you access job opportunities you've never come across before. 

Having in-demand skills goes along the way in the job market, so digital credentials can improve your visibility to those looking for prospective candidates for a particular role.

Need more handy tips to improve your professional life? 

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