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Study finds differences between males and females aged over 25 in their motivations for training

By Michael Crump | 12 November 2012

A NCVR study has found differences in motivations between males and females undertaking vocational education and training (VET).

For men, a key motivator for studying after age of 25 was a desire to change their current employment status. This includes switching jobs or career, or gain a promotion. After gaining their study, men were more likely to retain their current job.

For women, especially those who were divorced or separated, getting a job was a key motivator. After enrolling in VET, women were 33% more likely to find a new job.

However, a key motivator shared by both men and women was to acquire extra skills for their current job and if it was a requirement of the job.

An outcome shared by both men and women was an increase in job satisfaction with the skills gained for the training.

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Reference: Studying Beyond Age 25: Who does it and what do they gain?, Michael Coelli, Domenico Tabasso, Rezida Zakirova, Dept of Economics, University of Melbourne and Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research.

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