Vocational training celebrated during National Skills Week

By Michael Crump | 13 September 2012

National skills week logo

National Skills Week took place across the country from August 27th to September 2nd. The week focused on raising the status of practical and vocational learning as well as educating Australians on the opportunities available, their potential and how they can contribute to a successful, modern economy.

It was a chance for the nation to celebrate and shine a spotlight on the achievements of practical learners.  A showcase of Registered Training Organisations, Trade Schools (VETs), Group Training Organisations and Employers were profiled across the week, highlighting the range of education opportunities available in different sectors and progressions routes.

Skills Minister Chris Evans provided comment on how businesses needed more and more skilled workers to ensure sustained success. Insight into government policy and the positive outcomes sought; including the opening of New Trade Training Centres in school programs, were also discussed. Wider issues also touched on included encouraging training amongst the older generation in the workplace and addressing the issue of re-skilling the adult workforce in relation to change and production.

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