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Where to study when you don’t want to work at home

By Rosa Ritchie | 22 February 2019

The beauty of online study is the flexibility it allows students to study whenever, wherever they want. It’s no longer necessary to commute to a physical address like a "bricks and mortar" university or TAFE these days, when you can study many courses remotely. After commencing online learning, some people jump at the chance to study in their pyjamas or write an assignment sitting on the couch. In fact, more and more learning institutions are offering this option, including Upskilled.

It can be a lot of fun to explore new study spots. Here’s some information about a few of SkillsTalk's favourite places to study, including what to take with you, and what to expect.

Top places to study outside of home

  1. Take your online learning to the library.
  2. Create new study opportunities at a local café.
  3. Push assignments live at the park.

1. Take your online learning to the library.

Where to study when you don’t want to work at home

Public libraries are a great place to study because they’re quiet, they have aircon and heating, ample PowerPoints and perhaps most importantly, free Wi-Fi. The best libraries are usually very well-populated, so if you’ve got a big day of study ahead of you, it pays to get there early to secure a spot at a desk.

If you’re on a budget, the library is a strong choice because it costs nothing to be there, and you can pack your own lunch to enjoy outside. Some libraries might require you to sign up for a membership in order to use their computers or internet but this is almost always a quick, painless and cost-free process.

2. Create new study opportunities at a local café.

Where to study when you don’t want to work at home

If you’re a student who prefers a bit of noise and atmosphere—or an ample supply of caffeine—then you’ll probably enjoy studying in a café. It’s important to browse before you choose your establishment as access to PowerPoints and Wi-Fi can be a concern.

If it’s a really busy café with high turnover, they may not appreciate you taking over a table. However, there are many relaxed coffee shops where it’s commonplace for customers to sit and study for as long as they need. A benefit of studying in a cafe is the social aspect; it’s a welcome relief to look up from your notes and be surrounded by a busy, happy environment when you’ve been engrossed in your solo study.

3. Push assignments live at the park.

Where to study when you don’t want to work at home

Have you ever sat at a desk on a beautiful day and envied all those people enjoying the outdoors? There are plenty of parks that have benches and tables, or you can take a rug and set up camp.  It’s recommended that you take a fully-charged device, some snacks, water, sunglasses and a hat. If you have pocket Wi-Fi, that’s a bonus, but sometimes the best work is done without internet access.

The park isn’t the best spot for a marathon study session. However, if you pack your bag carefully, it can be a really energising space to study for an hour or two which, after all, can be all the time you need if you study efficiently.  

Some things to keep in mind

While a change of scenery can re-energise your memory and attention, it’s important not to let new study spots disrupt your discipline or workflow. Sometimes choosing a place to study can become a form of procrastination. Rather than sitting down to get some work done, it is easy to waste time deliberating where to work.

If you’re regularly moving or closing your laptop, it’s also important to be mindful of saving and backing up your work. Public Wi-Fi hotspots have been known to transmit viruses and compromise the security of your personal information, so be sure to have good quality anti-virus software installed.

Lastly, don’t let the allure of late night study spots disrupt your routine or sleep schedule. Be sure to come home at a reasonable time and get a good night’s sleep as it’s seriously important to your academic success!

Want to know more about studying online?

If you’re ready to start kicking your study goals (did you know you can study two courses at the same time?), Upskilled has an excellent variety of online courses across business, IT, logistics, marketing and more. In their testimonials, many of our graduates mention how much they valued the ability to study remotely, earning relevant qualifications that supported their own career development. 

If you’re still not sure what taking an online course entails, then jump over to our FAQs page to learn more, or have a chat with one of our friendly study consultants.
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