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Australia’s massive retail industry provides you with the opportunity to not only develop skills in customer service and hospitality; but acquire transferable skillsets that prove valuable in almost any industry and occupation.

Similar job roles
238,300 professionals predicted to be employed in Australia by 2022

What does the retail industry look like?

A career in retail is ideal for those who are after a dynamic, sales-driven, and customer-oriented occupation.

The best part is that the demand for retail workers in Australia is only expected to rise within the next 5 years – and (depending on the job role you choose to pursue) there are many opportunities to work flexible part-time hours.

What job roles are there in retail?

There are a wide variety of roles available in this sector. In fact, just some of the areas you could choose to specialise in are roles such as Retail Area Manager, Tourism Consultant, Store Manager or Restaurant Manager.

Those who choose to pursue a job in retail can find working opportunities in roles such as a retail manager, sales assistant, restaurant manager, and even has their own small retail business owner.  Since working in this field helps you build upon your social, business, and leadership skills, the sector equips you with abilities that are proven valuable among most, if not all, careers and industry sectors.  

What skills do you need to work in retail?

Employers look for retail workers who can connect with others, communicate clearly and are well presented. Other skills they value include:

  • a love of working and communicating with others
  • dealing with customers, clients, and other workers
  • excellent interpersonal skills
  • the ability to exert strong leadership
  • managerial skills are also an advantage

The retail industry provides you with plenty of opportunity to progress to more supervisory roles. A talent for sales and building rapport with new people is also a much-valued skill.
Below are a few more key statistics on working in the retail industry, along with the most common roles available.

Retail Industry Insights

There's no doubt that the area of Retail is an exciting and growing profession, which offers stability, career fulfillment and a wide variety of job roles.

Retail Industry Outlook
  • Future job growth
    Growth expected
    *Up to 7,300 job openings over the next 5 years. *Source
  • Occupation size
    Very large
    There are 231,000 workers in this (or similar) professions.*Source
  • Regions
    Most regions
    Job roles for this profession can be found in most areas of Australia.*Source
Retail Salary
  • Full time
    Assistant store managers
    Average of $46,200 – 58,800 per annum
  • Full time
    Retail area managers
    Average of $65,000 – 94,800 per annum
  • Full time
    Fast food managers
    Average of $48,600 – 68,500 per annum
  • Considerations
    Your salary will be based on previous experience, where you are working and the type of role you take on.
Retail Age Range
  • 34 years old and younger
  • 35-54 years
  • 55 years and older
Retail Education Levels
  • Below Certificate III
  • Certificate III and IV
  • Diploma and above

* All information on this page has been complied using figures from and the Australian Government's - all figures are indications only, and are accurate at time of publication. Please do your own research before selecting a course or career.

Why study retail with Upskilled?

Upskilled’s retail courses are delivered online, giving you the flexibility to enrol anytime of the year and study at your own pace. Students will learn all about retail management and leadership, delving into the competencies required to handle frontline responsibilities in retail, from small outlets to larger franchises.

What will you learn? 

During your studies, you will be trained in all the valuable practical skills that will allow you to pursue a lasting career in the industry of Retail.

Such abilities include:

  • maintaining employee relations
  • monitoring and handling business financials
  • scheduling rosters
  • stock control
  • coordinating visual merchandising activities.

Our courses will allow students to pursue managerial positions in businesses such as restaurants, fast food chains, retail clothing stores, and many more.

What other study perks do you get with Upskilled?

Furthermore, your online course includes:

  • comprehensive student support to help you throughout your study
  • a dedicated online lecturer will be provided to assist you in your learning process and offer academic support
  • access to a range of collaboration and communication tools that enable you to network and discuss with other students in your field, further enriching your overall student experience.

Some of the diplomas and certificates allow you to graduate with a Nationally Recognised Qualification that can boost your chances of employment and more opportunities to accelerate your learning even further.

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