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Child Care Assistant

Find out how to become a child care assistant in the education sector. Discover information on salary, growth, stability and occupational expectations.

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The current average salary of an Child Care Assistant is $40,600 - $52,700 annually


Child care assistants help the primary child care teacher with supervising and caring for the children. Employment for this role is expected to grow very strongly to 2022, from 92,800 workers in 2017 to 114,700 by 2022. 91,000 job openings are expected over this time from workers leaving and new jobs being created.

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Key skills

Child care assistants perform non-teaching duties such as preparing activities, supervising the children, and cleaning/organising the facility.

  • Excellent with children, can exhibit high levels of empathy, patience, and understanding of child psychology
  • Observant, able to multi-task, and able to effectively coordinate activities and tasks
  • A strong ability to work well within a team environment
  • Excellent communications skills for providing their supervisor with any updates or concerns
  • Ability to work well under pressure or problem-solve in critical situations
  • A strong performer with practical, hands-on work

Quick facts

Most child care assistants in the Education sector are found in the education and training field. Here are a few key facts on the role of a child care assistant.

  • Average Hours Worked
    35.1 full-time hours per week vs. all jobs average of 40 hours
  • Main Industries
    Education and training; public administration and safety; and health care and social assistance
  • Average qualification level
    35.7% Certificate III/IV

* All information on this page has been complied using figures from and the Australian Government's - all figures are indications only, and are accurate at time of publication. Please do your own research before selecting a course or career.

Study pathways

Get the skills you need to find work as an child care assistant by studying these education courses below.

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