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IT Short Courses

Enhance your skills and propel your career in technology with our IT short courses. Covering cybersecurity, cloud computing, networking, and more, our courses provide up-to-date knowledge and hands-on experience. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned professional, Upskilled offers the insights and skills you need to succeed in today's job market.
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Popular IT Short Courses

What courses are offered in information technology?

Upskilled has a range of diploma and certificate-level courses in several specialisations within the information technology sector. The right course for you really depends on what type of skills and knowledge you already have.

You may be fresh out of high school and want to explore a course that goes over the fundamentals, or you already have extensive experience but intend on moving into a different specialisation. Either way, we have information technology courses available to equip you with the relevant skills and knowledge.

What does an IT short course cover?

IT short courses come in a variety of specialisations - some may choose to focus on certain tech roles such as a cyber security specialist, data analyst, cloud architect, or digital project manager; while others may concentrate on specific certifications such as the CAPMPMP, and CISA qualifications. The content these programs cover are thus heavily dependent on their focus; with many often aligning their material to that of recognised certifications. This way, students who complete the course will then be well-equipped to pursue valuable qualifications in their field, helping improve their chances of employment in the job market. 

What qualifications will I receive from an IT short course?

The qualifications you'll gain from an IT short course are dependent on the content it offers. Upskilled's short courses in IT, for example, will generally result in a certificate of course completion - but many are also aligned to specific certification exams. These include our courses in ITIL 4CISACISM, and the AWS Technical Essentials, among plenty others. These programs equip students with the skills, knowledge, and work-ready experience to ace the relevant certification exams it covers, helping further certify their expertise as a professional of the field. 

How long does the average IT short course take?

Upskilled's short courses can take as little as a month to complete (with dedicated study) - with others taking as long as 12 months.

Is an IT short course enough to land me a job in the tech industry?

Your chances of landing a tech job after completing a short course in IT will depend on the requirements of your desired roles. However, an IT short course may serve as an effective entry ticket into tech sectors you're after, equipping you with the fundamental, entry-level skills to pursue starting roles in the field. With many offering content geared towards specific certifications, you'll also build the knowledge to further qualify yourself for specific positions. For instance, those seeking entry-level roles in cloud computing may benefit from undertaking our short course in the AWS Technical Essentials, helping prepare them for AWS certification and thus - boosting their chances of employment in junior cloud positions. 

Those who already have tech experience may have an even greater chance at pursuing their desired IT careers, as certifications through short courses could serve as additional, valuable credentials on top of their existing skillset.

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5 star

I got amazing support right at the end of my last unit. I have great appreciation to the UpSkilled student support, trainers & assessors, and the HOD of IT for offering me the opportunity to complete my Cert III, even though I almost gave up as I struggled to successfully complete my last unit. I reach out and I got all I needed to earn a Cert III in IT. Great support, just reach out.

Batisani Tshuma
Cert. III IT - Online

5 star

Thank you Upskilled for helping me reach my goals! I have successfully finished the CERT III in Information Technology. The teachers are amazing and very helpful. I enjoyed studying with Upskilled because the online course content was up to date in the field of information technology, interesting, and engaging which makes me want to come back again with Upskilled and proceed to study with the Diploma Course in IT. Shane Alexander was an excellent educational consultant.

Cert. III IT - Online

5 star

Upskilled is a great place to learn for people of different backgrounds with different needs. You have to be very communicative with staff or student support to get the absolute best out of your course and yourself. I finished my certificate three in IT recently, and I was very satisfied with the support and motivation I received from my teachers, and student support. The course content is set out in an extremely easy to understand, and organised manner which makes their learning portal super easy to utilise/navigate.

Geronimo Shaw
Cert. III IT - Online

5 star

It was my first time to do an online course and I made an excellent choice enrolling with Upskilled. They helped me all the way from enrolment, online course concerns and even called me to check how I am doing with the course. Kuldeep was one of the best IT Trainer I ever had and I did learn a lot from him. I will definitely enrol for another course in the future.

Herbert F
Cert IV in IT

5 star

Easy to navigate your course and find… Easy to navigate your course and find the information you need, if you’re struggling to find anything or need the help with sections their trainers are very helpful and get back to you as soon as they can, you have a lot of support and guidance throughout the course.

Cariss Ann

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