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Aged Care, Disability and Individual Support

At Upskilled, we are committed to equipping you with the essential skills required in the Aged Care and Disability sector. Our courses will provide you with the knowledge, tools and support necessary to excel in this compassionate and vital field. Whether you're aspiring to become a caregiver, enhance your understanding of disability support, or develop empathetic communication skills, our courses open the door to diverse career opportunities and prestigious qualifications.
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We take pride in selecting only the best instructors to conduct our course sessions. All Upskilled trainers and facilitators have extensive experience working in, and with, students across all ages & commercial organisations.

Travis Hackett
Head of Vocational Education - CHC

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Ronnie Lynch
Program Coordinator

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Rosan Lal
Program Coordinator

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Why Study Ageing, Disability and Individual Support?

Studying Ageing, Disability, and Individual Support is a pathway to making a meaningful difference in the lives of others. This sector offers a unique opportunity to contribute to the well-being and quality of life for elderly individuals and those with disabilities. By pursuing a career in this field, you'll gain the knowledge and skills necessary to provide essential care, support, and assistance to individuals who often rely on dedicated professionals for their daily needs. With an ageing demographic, there is a growing need for trained professionals who can provide compassionate and competent care, making it a field with promising career prospects.

Increasing Demand

In Australia, the Ageing, Disability, and Individual Support sector is experiencing remarkable growth and is an integral part of the nation's healthcare and social services landscape. This expansion is primarily driven by Australia's ageing population, with a significant percentage of citisens now entering their senior years. As a result, there is a substantial demand for qualified professionals who can provide high-quality aged care and support services. The Australian government's commitment to improving the quality of care and support for aged and disabled individuals has led to the development of nationally recognised qualifications and rigorous training programs, making this sector an attractive and promising career choice for those who wish to contribute to the well-being and independence of individuals in need.

Job Stability

As Australia's population continues to age, the demand for aged care and support services remains consistently high and is expected to grow further in the coming years. This enduring need ensures that professionals in the sector are in continuous demand. Secondly, disability support services are also expanding rapidly due to increased recognition and advocacy for individuals with disabilities. This growth, combined with government initiatives and funding, contributes to the sector's resilience in economic downturns. Moreover, the diverse range of roles within the field, from personal care assistants to disability support workers and case managers, provides opportunities for career advancement and specialisation, further enhancing job stability.

Fulfilment through Empathy

This sector provides the opportunity for personal fulfillment through the development of empathetic skills. This sector attracts individuals who derive deep satisfaction from helping others and making a positive impact on their lives. As you acquire empathetic skills, including active listening, cultural sensitivity, and effective communication, you not only excel in your role but also experience a profound sense of personal fulfillment. Being able to genuinely connect with and support individuals in need, whether they are seniors or those with disabilities, can be an immensely rewarding experience. These empathetic skills not only enhance your professional capabilities but also contribute to your own personal growth and well-being.
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Wonderful support Upskilled showed so much support and patience throughout my course. I faced some unforeseen and tricky circumstances that made studying difficult but the support and guidance that I received helped make it possible to have now completed my cert. Truly grateful. :)


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Very supportive staff Very supportive staff, great courses which are Nationally recognized and courses that are able to be completed on line or in person. I found all the staff who assisted me when selecting a course to be helpful, friendly and supportive. I can highly recommend attending a Upskilled course.


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I completed my certificate with… I completed my certificate with Upskilled, student support are extremely helpful and my trainer was super supportive and helpful. I recommend Upskilled.


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I loved studying with Upskilled. It was a great learning experience with the platform easy to navigate around & plenty of support available from the trainers & resources they provided.


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This has been a fantastic and stress-free adventure. Rosan is always willing to help, and no matter how much information I ask for, they always take the time to explain it to me. Thank you so much to the Upskilled team for making the journey so enjoyable!


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FAQs about Aged Care, Disability and Individual Support Courses

What qualifications do I need to enrol in a aged care, disability and inidividual support course?

To enrol in one of these courses, there are no formal entry requirements.
To make sure you get the most out of training with us, the following enrolment process applies:
- Once you have inquired, one of our friendly Education Consultants will contact you to ensure you have the right pre-existing knowledge and skills to achieve your chosen qualification.
- A short language, literacy and numeracy assessment will need to be completed upon enrolment.  


What is it like to work in aged care, disability and individual support?

As a worker in this industry, you'll be supporting others to improve their livelihoods and wellbeing, creating positive change and impact. You'll generally work with people that are part of the vulnerable populations, where they may face ongoing challenges due to age or disability.

Aged care, disability and individual support workers have the ability to work in a variety of settings, which includes hospitals, government institutions and other related health facilities.


What career outcomes can you achieve in aged care, disability and individual support?

Depending on what qualification you end up studying with Upskilled, there are a variety of career outcomes you can pursue that may be in line with your career goals. This sector has an extensive range of career opportunities available and it will depend on where your passion lies. At the end of the day, you'll have the opportunity to work in an industry where job satisfaction and career fulfilment is high.

The following are potential career pathways you can explore:

  • Aged care worker
  • Disability support worker


Why should you work in aged care, disability and individual support?

  • Make a real difference in people's lives: No matter what role you choose to pursue in the community services industry, the support and care you'll give to other people can create a positive impact.
  • A variety of work available: You have room to move in the community services industry, so if you want to be in a different role, it's possible to do this as there are plenty of other sectors you can explore.
  • The industry is booming: It's projected that by 2023, the industry will have over 1.9 million employees. With Australia's ageing population, there is a high demand for skilled workers in community services - particularly in aged care.
  • Develop useful transferable skills: Being a team player, having the ability to solve problems and critical thinking are transferable skills you can gain from working in community services, which can help you interact with people on a daily basis.


What skills can you gain from an aged care, disability and individual support course?

An aged care, disability and individual support course can help you gain the required skills to be prepared for a rewarding career in the industry. You'll get the opportunity to give back to the community and help people.

Some of the core skills you can gain from these courses include: 

  • Excellent people skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Empathy
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to undertake admin and organisational tasks

Most of the online services offered through Upskilled includes work placement where you'll have the opportunity to gain work experience at a host organisation of your choice. 

This means that you'll have exposure to real-work scenarios that can give you further preparation and a foot in the door for paid employment. It can also help you make professional connections with people already working in the industry. 

All Upskilled community services courses include role-playing activities that allow you to also work with either your colleagues, family or friends to participate in your assessments. This helps us assess your understanding of the content and provides you with practical training for the industry, alongside the theory-based community services units.


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