An Overview of our $2,500 Scholarship

In an endeavour to provide our ongoing support and commitment towards the knowledge ecconomy of Australia, Upskilled is pleased to provide 2 x Scholarships to the value of $2,500 to help support individuals who are studying Marketing, Commerce, Finance or IT - and those who are passionate about potentially working in the Education sector when they graduate. 

Upskilled understands the growing demmands placed on students, and in particular, the financial burden of investing in a high quality education.  Upskilled's mission is to make training and education accessible to all Australian's no matter their background, socio-ecconmic status or location. That's why we're looking for 2 x Scholarship recipients per year who will benefit from this financial assistance to successfully complete their education - no matter what educational institution they are studying with. 

Upskilled is one of Australia’s leading RTOs specialising in the delivery of effective and efficient education and training for vocational qualifications to working professionals. Upskilled offer over 400 courses annually with industry leading course materials, start of the art venues and even online via our E-learning platform.

The Upskilled Business & Marketing Analyst Scholarship:

Who can apply?

This scholarship is open University students currently studying in any of the following areas:

1. Commerce (Undergrad)

2. Marketing (Undergrad)

3. IT and Communications (Undergrad)

The Challenge: What you must do to apply:

1. How will you benefit from the $2,500 scholarship, what would you use it for & why you're passionate about working within the Education industry. - in 1,000 words.

Applicants must produce a 1,000 word response with a cover letter to the above outlining why they believe they are the right fit, and why they want to join the fast paced world of Education delivery.

Award benefits:

We've all been students at one point in time and understand the financial difficulties that may arise during the study period. The recipient will receive up to AUD $2,500 of funding to be put towards education, training and educational materials. Rather than just going towards your tuition, you have the option of how you want to spend your money. The only catch is that it can only be spent on educational materials and receipts must be provided, once that has been done you will be reimbursed.

How to apply?

To apply email with the following

1. Your full name

2. Your area of study

3. Contact details (e-mail, phone number and address)

4. Include your 1000 word response

Terms and conditions of scholarship

Closing date: 1/2/2016

Length of Scholarship: 1 year