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4 reasons why you should study marketing

By Jana Angeles | 15 May 2019

Marketing is one of the most dynamic industries you can choose to pursue a career in. Not only is it a field which offers opportunities of expertise in digital, social media and content, people who choose to study marketing will come out with a breadth of skills that mixes technical, written and analytical aspects in the job roles offered. 

If you’re sitting on the fence and wondering why marketing is a field worth studying, here are some of the best reasons why it can be a great career choice if you’re someone who wants to dive deep into an industry that is always changing and offers the prospect of career progression into senior management positions.

Why should you study marketing?

  1. It has interesting career opportunities.
  2. You will get creative.
  3. Rewarding career progression.
  4. It’s a field that is constantly evolving.

1. It has interesting career opportunities.

career opportunity road sign

If you’re someone that gets bored easily and have the desire to move on to roles that provide you with something different everyday, marketing is an industry worth tapping into due to the career opportunities available. 

There are three core streams of marketing you can pursue, depending on your own interests and existing talents:

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is a great career move, especially if you want to get creative when it comes to running digital ad campaigns across radio, television, social media and more. Driving consumers and turning leads into sales can be a rewarding aspect when it comes to digital marketing. 

Being able to monitor and budget effectively to increase brand awareness and sales can surely enhance a business’ reputation, especially in the digital space. Digital marketing also helps drive traffic on to websites and ensures that relevant content is targeted to the right audience to drive leads. 

Jobs you can pursue in digital marketing: digital marketing manager, digital marketing specialist, digital marketing strategist

Recommended Upskilled course: Diploma of Marketing and Communication (BSB52415)

Social media marketing

If you’re all about brand awareness and creativity when it comes to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, then social media marketing may be the best career path to take within marketing. 

You will be writing and managing copywriting on social media calendars, creating and budgeting paid ads to increase brand visibility across the digital space and representing the company when it comes to answering FAQs to customers wanting to know more about the business’ products and services

You will also have the opportunity to create visual content to drive consumers and alert them about your brand. 

A career in social media marketing used to not exist five years ago, but with more and more companies switching to digital instead of traditional media, there is a strong growth in employment in this particular stream of marketing.

Jobs you can pursue in social media marketing: social media coordinator, social media manager, social media strategist

Recommended Upskilled course: Diploma of Social Media Marketing (10118NAT)

Content marketing

From blogs to website copy, content marketing is more important than you think. Not only is it favoured among businesses, but it can really drive traffic on websites when content is written with a consumer-driven purpose. 

Constantly monitoring what drives people when it comes to information they are researching is vital in content marketing, so being a skilled copywriter that can write within the brand and tone of the business, while understanding the needs of consumers can really help provide content that has purpose and clear objectives. 

Experts in content marketing know what type of information is needed to help increase leads and optimise SEO through keyword research and trends.

Jobs you can pursue in content marketing: content strategist, content manager, content marketer

Recommended Upskilled course: Diploma of Marketing and Communication (BSB52415)

2. You will get creative.

creative concept

Creativity in marketing is important because the need to generate ideas can help when it comes to campaign planning, social media copy and content creation. 

Not only are you constantly coming up with creative ways to bring a business’ products and services to the right people, you need to be adaptable to the changing demands of consumers

Keeping on top of market research and constantly communicating and collaborating with your team on the best ideas is important to do when trying to meet marketing objectives. As a marketing professional, having excellent communication skills can enable you to work in a team that is full of ideas, which can be a powerful force when it comes to creativity.

3. Rewarding career progression.

career progression concept

Is career progression important to you? You’ll be pleased to know that marketing is an industry where there is room for growth when it comes to job positions. If you excel in junior and mid-level roles in the field, you will have the opportunity to progress into management positions, offering good salary and benefits attached. 

Being a marketing manager will give you a well-versed skillset and it’s a position where you’re constantly building relationships with your team and other external stakeholders, keeping things in-check when it comes to branding, content and social media. 

It also gives you an opportunity to hone both your project management and leadership skills, which is an important foundation to have when it comes to finding career success in a manager position. 

Marketing managers can build a rewarding career for themselves as the growth of the business can be contributed to their passion to ensure that marketing objectives are met to help increase brand visibility and company revenue. 

Upskilled’s Diploma of Marketing and Communication (BSB52415) can help you progress into management positions in marketing if you’re already a seasoned professional looking to upskill.

The course can be completed within 12 months and units touch on identifying and evaluating marketing opportunities, developing a marketing communication plan, interpreting market trends and development, and more.

4. It’s a field that is constantly evolving.

evolving idea concept

Marketing professionals are needed across a number of industries. From music to the non-for-profit space, organisations and businesses need someone who is highly skilled in marketing that can help them gain business through customers and extended partnerships. 

With technology advancements and new applications being created for marketing professionals, this field is forward-thinking in terms of how content and promotion is driven. 

With social media being in the mix, it just goes to show how people in the field are always looking to improve and ensuring that what they do has purpose and is suited for modern times. If you’re after an industry that is always evolving, a career in marketing may be worth pursuing.

Want more information on how you can launch your marketing career?

Upskilled offers courses in marketing to help you kickstart your career. The Diploma of Marketing and Communication (BSB52415) is suited for those wanting to get into digital and content marketing and pursue roles such as digital marketing strategist or content strategist. 

Diploma of Social Media Marketing (10118NAT) is a great course for individuals wanting a qualification in social media that can help them pursue job roles such as social media coordinator or social media manager. 

These courses are both self-paced and online, so you don’t have to compromise your work schedule while taking the opportunity to upskill and work towards your marketing career.

If you want to dig deep and learn the ins and outs of the industry, as well as the current trends surfacing in marketing, be sure to download Upskilled’s FREE 'Careers in Marketing and Communication and the future of the industry' ebook

This ebook is the perfect resource for those wanting to make their mark in marketing by learning more about the various study pathways Upskilled has to offer to help chase their career dream in marketing.
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