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How vendor mapping can kickstart your career in IT

By Fi Darby | 17 November 2017

Vendor mapping is a way of demonstrating how the content of a qualification will include the required learning for a range of vendor certifications (exams for these can be sat for an additional fee after course completion). Vendor mapping allows you to ensure that your chosen qualification is relevant to the industry niche in which you want to make progress. Many of Upskilled’s online information technology courses contain vendor mapping components from industry leaders such as Microsoft and Cisco.

What is vendor mapping?

Microsoft vendor mapping, for example, is essential if you want to ensure that your resume includes the specific areas of training for which employers in your field are looking. Vendor mapping can help you to choose the right course for you by showing you exactly how each course is aligned to the IT industry and therefore how relevant it is to your career. At Upskilled most of our programs have been carefully developed to include a balance of vendor specific, vendor neutral and Upskilled developed materials. This combination helps to ensure a fully rounded qualification.

Where can I see vendor mapping in action?

Upskilled’s information technology courses offer excellent examples of vendor mapping in action, including Cisco and Microsoft vendor mapping. All you need to do to see this is choose an information technology course from our course menu and click on the drop down ‘Description’. Many of our online IT courses combine vendor courses (industry benchmark, product specific training), vendor neutral courses (topic specific training) and Upskilled courses and workshops (generic relevant training).

By studying these combinations you’ll have gained the necessary skills to either sit vendor certification exams (these will incur an additional cost) or demonstrate your capabilities regarding these to a prospective employer. Vendor mapping allows our Upskilled course structure to successfully do the following:

  • Meet the requirements of the relevant national accreditation body
  • Meet industry requirements
  • Allow you to update your resume with industry standard skills (or qualifications if you sit vendor certification exams)
  • Ensure that workplace skills needs are met

Vendor mapping occurs across our whole range of information technology course from the Certificate I in Information, Digital Media and Technology (ICT10115) right up to our Graduate Certificates. Below is one example of each type of course for our Advanced Diploma of Network Security (ICT60215)In total this course has 9 vendor courses, 4 vendor neutral courses and 2 Upskilled courses/workshops.

  • Vendor course example - Cisco Certified Network Associate
  • Vendor neutral course example - Project Management
  • Upskilled developed course example - Privacy, Ethics and Copyright

Looking at the vendor mapping for this course, it is easy to see how achieving this qualification would give a double boost to your resume. You would gain both a recognised level of qualification (i.e. an Advanced Diploma) as well as a whole host of the type of network security, industry standard training specifics for which employers in the information technology industry are looking.

Do all online courses have a vendor mapping component?

Vendor mapping is generally used when there are significant, recognised industry standard certifications available that can be successfully mapped into a national level qualification. Some industries, such as information technology, have a strong bias towards particular certifications because the software to which these relate are almost essential to successful development. Although there are industry specific certifications available for other qualifications, such as accountancy, it is often the case that the same learning requirements can be met through more general, vendor neutral courses.

What are the benefits of vendor specific courses?

Vendor mapping allows you to see clearly which vendor specific courses are included in your chosen qualification. The benefits of vendor specific courses include:

  • Contemporary relevance to both you and your industry niche – the information technology industry is a rapidly changing one and employers are always looking for people with ‘the next skill’.
  • Global recognition – whilst qualifications such as ‘Diploma’ or ‘Graduate Certificate’ may need verification before being recognised overseas, vendor specific certifications usually do not.
  • Easily mapped relevance to specific job roles – for example the role of ‘database designer’ would require a range of MCSA SQL certifications. (Microsoft vendor mapping is a key element of many of our information technology courses). 

What are the benefits of vendor neutral courses?

As well as showing vendor specific courses, such as those demonstrated by Cisco and Microsoft, vendor mapping also shows a range of vendor neutral courses. These courses are not linked to a specific software (although they may refer to them). The benefits of vendor neutral courses include:

  • A balanced approach, which is free to take in all aspects of a particular topic. For example an MCSA SQL Certification would not necessarily refer to other SQL specific platforms.

How can vendor mapping help kickstart my IT career?

Whether you are looking to kickstart a brand new career in information technology, move into a new and more exciting field or seek out a promotion, vendor mapping is a vital tool to help you understand exactly the skills and knowledge you will be gaining. When you are choosing a course, the following steps will help you to effectively use vendor mapping to advance your career:

  • Decide which career paths might interest you
  • Do your research – talk to information technology employers, look at job adverts and read around your topic. Find out which industry specific vendor certifications are currently required by employers.
  • Study the vendor mapping for a range of courses – you should study something that interests you but it is also important to use the vendor map to work out which qualifications will advance your interests and make you attractive to employers along your chosen career path.
  • Take your qualification
  • Take any vendor certification exam for which your course has given you the skills (there will be an additional charge for this)

Get started in IT today

Vendor mapping is a great way of making sure that you select the course that will either give your career the biggest boost or kickstart the IT career you ‘ve been looking for. Just another reason to study information technology with Upskilled, one of Australia’s largest RTOs.

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