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Learn social media skills benefit your business & build your brand

By Fi Darby | 26 June 2018

Everyone is now using social media but what if you could turn your interest into a formal career? In fact there are many ways to go about this; for example, starting your own social media business, using social media more effectively in your current small business, or even beginning a professional career in social media marketing. The popularity of jobs in social media continues to grow in Australia (and all over the world) but to really make a difference, it pays to learn some professional social media skills beyond simply posting, engaging and sharing. 

This last decade and a half has seen social media explode - it's now an imperative part of almost all marketing and business plans. Social media marketing has shifted its position from a niche approach to a marketing staple, even for traditional bricks-and-mortar businesses. The predicted growth areas for social media business promotion include the increased use of both video channels and influencer marketing. What more will the future hold? 

Give a professional focus to your existing social media skills & generate revenue & engagement

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According to Social Media News 65.8% of Australians are active monthly Facebook users, equating to 16 million people. With the continuing growth of social media marketing it makes sense to consider upskilling and turning your existing social media knowhow into a tool that can be used by businesses (your own or someone else’s) to generate revenue and increase engagement. Here, SkillsTalk picks out 5 key career-enhancing ways that you can build on your existing social media skills.

#1: Turn your personal knowledge into social media business skills

Love social media? There are some aspects of your personal social media skills that are now transferable to a business context. However social media marketing is more complicated than just engaging with your favourite platforms.

Now you'll need to know about audience segmentation, how to track and measure results, how to use social media analytics tools and how to build and maintain the social sites you've spent so long creating. Marketers use social media for information as well as sales generation and on some social media platforms a business page operates in different ways to a personal page. It might sound overwhelming but step by step, these metrics can be added to your current learnings to build a solid career. 

#2: Understand how social media online affects customer experience

Social media marketing is always evolving. What worked 5 years ago (or even 5 months ago) may not work today. That's because popular platforms are constantly changing their algorithms, often not in benefit of the marketer.

During its early years social media for business was closely aligned to personal use but now there is an increasing focus on brand awareness and lead generation on many platforms. This means that social media businesses have to remain aware of the changing landscape.  Follow blogs, read articles and find influencers online that talk about updates and tricks of the trade.

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The current social media marketing trend is the emphasis on customer experience. Put simply, platforms are nothing without their audiences, so they spend a lot of time and energy building them and keeping them engaged. So if you want to sell something or make someone aware of your brand - how can you best do this? By studying social media you could gain the opportunity to find out how this works.

#3: Study social media and eliminate those common social media mistakes

To take your love of social media from personal interest to professional career, there are a few things you'll need to learn. What's content marketing and how is it relevant to brands? How can you blog effectively and what images should you select? Each platform also has its unique features - what works on one might be completely wrong for another. 

If you have been using social media for personal and occasional business use for some time you will have undoubtedly fallen into some bad habits. These bad habits may be fine for personal use but when it comes to business, bad habits can become costly mistakes. The mistakes below will give you a few ideas of how a short social media course might tighten up your skills:

Mistake 1 - Using unauthorised content

Mistake 2 - Failing to utilise the power of video content

Mistake 3 - The overuse/underuse of hashtags

Mistake 4 - Ignoring the power of shared blog content

#4: Understand how different social media platforms operate

From a business and marketing perspective it is no longer sufficient to be competent on a single social media platform. It would only take a social media short course to ensure that you understood the different strengths and audiences of each platform, whilst building a skillset that would future proof your competency on forthcoming platforms. For example the next predicted explosion in social media marketing is Snapchat. 

For the first time this year McDonald's Australia launched a world-first 'Snaplications' lens, allowing it to recruit team members directly from the platform. Tapping into new audiences and the platforms they use is now being examined by many heritage brands. Just watch this space!

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#5: Learn how to use social media advertising

Few of us have the need for advertising in our personal social media lives but once you step into the world of social media for business, understanding how social media advertising works and how best it might be utilised by a small business will be paramount.  By choosing to study social media you will put yourself into the right environment to ensure that you have the skills to avoid mistakes for yourself or your employer.

There's lots of great news for people who love social media. A quick search of popular job search sites in Australia shows dozens, if not hundreds, of jobs that have a social media component, or have social media as the main title. By learning social media marketing, you really are setting yourself up with skills that are highly transferable to the professional marketplace. The world is your oyster. 

Move into the social media marketing space

The above points are only a few suggestions of how, by undertaking a social media course, you will be able to move your personal skills into a professional space that will either benefit your small business, enable you to change careers or give you the boost you need to progress in your existing career.

At Upskilled we offer two online social media courses for those with some existing social media knowledge. Both of these courses are run in conjunction with Social Media College who are market leaders in Australia.

Our Social Media Short Course is an intensive, 8 module course, which will give you the skills to strategise and implement social media marketing across a variety of key platforms, then teach you how to measure the effectiveness of these strategies. If you want to dip your toe into the world of social media marketing this is the online course for you. 

Our Diploma of Social Media Marketing (10118NAT) is a nationally accredited course, which covers a comprehensive range of core social media marketing skills. As well as covering strategising and implementation, this diploma will also give you management skills in content marketing, email marketing, budgeting and planning.

If you would like to find out more about our social media marketing or other IT based courses our skilled advisers will be happy to help you. Get in touch today to find out what your next career step might be.

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